Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's on my mind?

If I could bottle up the sweetness of my baby boy there wouldn't be enough containers in the world!  I'd say this about all three of my sweet kids!  I am so blessed beyond my own comprehension!  So thankful for HIS sweet grace and tender mercies!

So that was my facebook status tonight.  I literally have tears as I consider this.  I can't even believe my boy will be 2 months tomorrow.  I'm not usually this sentimental/emotional about things but maybe it's the fact that this is my last child (unless we adopt, more on that later) or maybe it bc I feel like God's grace has given me a deeper appreciation for my young children as I see how rapidly they grow.  I don't know but I can say that life this side of heaven (wink wink) is full of busyness, obstacles, pain, sorrow and what have you and I tend to be one to experience those things more than the sweet things, the loving, joyful things that God also gives us in His great kindness and favor and love toward us.  So I am especially thankful for the state of my heart right now.  Praise Jesus, and I am thankful for facebook asking me what was on my mind tonight so I could take some time and enjoy Him!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm baaaaack (again)

So much has happened since I last blogged!  I mean heck, it's been since December!  My goodness, how irresponsible slack of me!  Honestly, it's a time issue.  I'm not very technological and so it takes time and effort for me to grace this blog with pictures of what I write about.  I have to (assuming they are loaded on the computer already) save them as smaller files to upload, edit them, watermark them, and make sure they are "cool" enough to fit in in blog land.  At least that's the pressure I put on myself.  On top of that I have to be creative to have something to write about and keep folks entertained, psssh that's not happening.  Especially now that times 3 now my brain has shrunk with the pregnancy of a child.  So yeah Rowen's here now (there goes more time).  But, (did I just enlarge the fact that I started a sentence with a but?) now more than ever I NEED to blog!  My children are growing up right before my eyes!   Baby boy, Rowen, Bubby (all names we like to call him), will be 2 months in 3 short days!  I don't do a good job at recording their milestones or experiences or the cute things that come out of their mouths so I must blog them.  So this is for my sweet sweet Darby (4), Carson (2), and Rowen (as we previously established almost 2 months orrr zero as Darby likes to refer to him).  They may not be the most graceful writings you've ever laid eyes on, or the coolest ideas, or have the best pictures ever (shoot, it may not have pictures at all), but I'll be glad to have a record for my babes.  I hope that pictures will frequent this blog but you can consider the ideas or recipes a bonus when I have time for such!  No pictures for today BUT I will leave you with probably the sweetest video of a baby ever in history (of course I am biased tho).

Make sure you turn the volume up and for some reason it automatically starts instead of you pressing play so you can stop it and restart time to figure it out and as I said...not too technological here.