Thursday, March 8, 2012


That is what my life consist of.  Loads of fun, loads of chores to do, loads to catch up on, loads of love, loads of joy, loads of running (like the sport), all amidst the never ceasing loads of laundry.  Lets not forget the loads of excuses I give when I blog about why I haven't blogged :).  Whoops.

So!  We went back to the opthamologist for Rowen.  We didn't really get as much new information as I was hoping for.  It was mainly just a check up for the doctor to access his visual interest, which he says is great.  He also reiterated to us that he is optimistic that it is the "good" type of nystagmus, meaning not an actual problem with the eye or brain or etc.  So that's good and we plan to go back the end of May.  In the mean time I am scouting out a doctor who we could go see for a second opinion.  Just to do our due diligence.  We also went to his 6 month well baby check up which at that point he was 7 months old and everything checked out fabulously.  He is like 95th percentile for height and a little less than 50th for weight.  He is now saying da-da on command (although he hasn't associated it to the person).  I guess that is his official first word.  He will also (sometimes) give kisses on command.  Thankfully, that type of sweetness doesn't make you gain weight and I'll take every last drop of it!

Carson has not been on the radar too much for major things going on.  Wait!  I lie.  She now has long enough hair to put little piggy tails in!  It is so fun!  She request this hair-do every day now....she loves it.  Who knew it would take until she was almost 3 years old for this?  She also had a check up with the urologist for her urinary reflux and things are all good in that department.  Besides that she is just busy being sweet and cute and getting so big.  She told me tonight that she is getting big and I asked if she would stay little and she agreed!  Yay.  She also said, "do you hear me?" to me when she asked me a question and I failed to respond in an appropriate amount of time.  It made me giggle inside because she is talking so much and sounding so big and cute!

Darby, oh Darby.  She got her tonsils and adenoids out a week and half ago.  I loaded up on the ice cream and popsicles and off we went.  It was so hard because she had to be completely sedated and that's no fun and scary for a mom and for her but we made it.  She has a tiny bit of pain associated with the surgery but mainly she is good as new!  I didn't know what to expect for her recovery.  Kids typically can bounce right back but everyone is different. I did NOT expect for her to be jumping around and singing and dancing the night of the surgery!  She did great.  As long as she had her pain medicine you would never know she had surgery.  I prayed for this type of recovery and I am so thankful that is just was God provided.