Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm not sure what it is like but I am pretty sure I was close to it the other night when I came down with a stomach virus!  I wanted to die. 
{you should know I am totally being dramatic here, well kinda, some I am being a baby.  I know so many people battle all kinds of physical ills daily or regularly and I can't imagine it day in a day out but for my what is normally pretty healthy self, this is how it goes}
I wanted to put a gun to my head!
{see please don't take me too serious, remember I am being dramatic}
I hate the stomach bug!  I can't stand throwing up.  Thankfully though it only really lasted about 24 hours and I was better.  But my stomach has never hurt like it was with this virus....
And it was weird because when I woke up and felt nauseous at 3 am I totally almost woke chad up to go get me a pregnancy test although there was no real reason to think I could have not on purpose been pregnant.  It was weird.  I am glad it is over now... 

So I need to share something with you guys....but I will wait for the next post or so... but here is a teaser.

My sweet Darby.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Biz

So I  posted a couple videos a couple months ago bc Chad and I started a videography/film biz...  Here is our latest....Chad who really runs the whole show was in the wedding so that was interesting but still so fun!

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Are you still my friends???

I can't be to sure if I have any blogging friends left after my ridiculously long absence...but alas I am back at it ; ).   I finally feel like I may have some more time for this blogging business!  I am telling you it is the shorter days!  It makes all the difference.

So what should I start you off with?  I don't know...but I have been in the worst mood lately.  It is getting on my nerves and I so I can only imagine how Chady feels about it.  (Well that sure was a downer to start off with...but that is what came to my brain.)

What else...well we went punkin pickin the other day and here are some pictures from this event!

The last picture is us girls with our choosen pumpkin...