Monday, May 3, 2010

Taste of the cake...session.

Okay sorry again for the slack blogging!  I have been really busy but also I am outside so much more with this spring and summer weather.  I noticed alot of my bloggy buddies have cut back dramatically in their blogging and so I don't feel as bad ; ).  I guess until the time changes again and we are stuck inside to avoid the cold weather we just wont be writing as much! 
Exciting things are coming up!  Darby and Carson are having their birthdays!  Yay.  Darby's is this coming weekend...oh man that reminds me I better get my stuff together!  Then Carson's is the following weekend.  I'm thrilled to be celebrating my sweet girls. 
So my friend Amy has done it again....she took THE cutest pics of my babe (and my sister's babe).  We had a smash the cake session!  Here is your small taste until I get them all!  Go to her photography blog to see more!

Recently I saw the movie Avatar!  I mean I am a little behind on the times but...Oh my goodness.  I loved that movie!  I LOVED it.  So if you haven't seen it then you should. 

I didn't update on Carson when she turned 11 months!  I am so slack!  What can I say.  I will tell you though that in her 10th month she perfected the art of cruising around the furniture throughout the room.  She can clap and wave...she is still really quiet but she will say da- da and her version of ma- ma.  She is serious and if she sets out on a mission she is determined to accomplish it.  She still gets terrerized by her older sister but she LOVES her big sis Darby!  She is a cubby dub.  I she weighed 22lbs on a trip to the doc last month!  She is so sweet.
Soon I will be updating you on my 3 year old and 1 year old!  I can't believe it.


  1. what a little doll baby! i know you will make both
    the birthdays so special. i was terrible at birthday
    parties, another one of my disabilities.

    i HAVE missed your sweet writings and pictures,
    but remember being outside all day when the
    weather turned nice. enjoy your girls. we are big
    girls. :)

  2. You and I need to live closer so we can have some "therapy" sessions about our babies both having May b-days!!!! :) Fun times but so busy!

  3. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!!! I never saw Avatar either!!! I have a May baby too - May 22nd!

  4. My husband wants to see I am sure we will soon! :)

  5. Oh my goodness that pic of Carson is beyond presh! I loooooove her tutu! Love it! I feel ya on the blogging girl, I have been slacking too! I have been MIA for like over a week! I did a few posts while Kelcee napped yesterday and scheduled them to go off through the week to make it easier I think!

    I have missed chatting with you! Thanks for your sweet presh comments to me on my blog! They meant the world to me!

    Girlie you sound like you have quite the busy couple weeks ahead.....two b-days....awwwww wow is Carsons on Mother's Day weekend? How cool is that!

    Thanks about the heads up on Avatar we have been wanting to see it soooo I am sure we will pretty soon!

    Have a fab day

    Summer :0)

  6. the pictures are adorable!!! amy did such a great job! i'm looking forward to carson's 1st birthday bash! woo hoo! i can't believe darby will be 3! wow.

    i sort of watched avatar (i fell asleep through most of it) but the parts i saw didn't interest me one bit! ha! glad you enjoyed it, though!


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