Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oh to be soo cute...

( No picture to this post!  I think blogger changed how you are able to post a pic!  oh my goodness!  that isn't good.  from what I can tell I will have to put all my pics to photobucket first!  I already have no time!  uggg!)

Little Darby cracks me up!  She is turning 3 really soon and I can't believe how fast time flies!  Just thought I would share some cute stories from today.  There were three I wanted to share and I am racking my brain hard to remember the third one but I can't!  So annoying.  I thought on purpose...I have to remember these and I will blog about them.
Today when I picked up up from school we were talking about letters.  Her new favorite thing to do is find on signs that we drive by D's for Darby, C's for Carson and B's for Beth (she really enjoys the fact that she knows my name is Beth).   Anyway, we started going through peoples names that we know and I was asking which letter went with their names.  I asked her about Jackson her friend, she said "Jackson must be J".  Yes!  I asked her a couple more and she really didn't know them and I asked about our neighbor Drew (Mr. Drew, her friends daddy).  I asked first what letter goes with his name and then I proceeded to make the D sound, "da, da".  She then exclaims, "double u! (w)".  I just smiled and laughed in my head from the cutest.
She had dance class tonight.  We usually eat a Moe's after dance.  We love it.  She asked to go there but I said, "no we are going to eat at home tonight".  Then when we rode past the grocery store she said we needed to go to it.  I said, "no we don't need to go, mommy's out of money!".  She said, "you are out of money?"  "that's okay we can buy some more".  First of all wouldn't that be nice and second of all I could fall to the ground over the sheer cuteness of her thoughts!
OH!  I just remembered the third thing!  Yay!
Tonight I was getting her dressed for bed.  I was putting away her laundry that I had folded and then I got out her jammies and she said, "thanks mommy, I am so proud of you for getting my jammies".  Oh she is a pistol I tell you!  Lol.  I think she picked that up bc I have tried to be really super intentional about affirming her and rewarding her when she shares or uses good manners and etc.  Today we had a "sharing" lesson and soon after that she offered a favorite toy of hers (the one she had a hard time sharing the first time) to her sister to play with and I rewarded her with verbal praise of course but also candy.  She LOVES candy.  I love staying home with them.  I am not so sure that it will last as long as I had intented to but for now I love being able to teach them.  I get to share why we should share...and that of course it makes Carson (or whoever) happy, it makes mommy happy, but most importantly it makes God happy and that in turn will make Darby happy.  I don't ever want to press upon my kids my own standards of "goodness" but instead I want to instill a healthy fear of God in which out of reverant submission and awe of his splender (don't usually use that word, weird) and thankfulness for what he has given and done for us they are compelled to follow His commands and live for Him and not themselves.

"Oh God, please help me in guiding my children.  Please help me to instill a faith in my girls that will be passed down from generation to generation.  Apart from you I am incapable of accomplishing such things.  Lord by your grace let my children choose the narrow path that leads to life.  Amen."


  1. Beth, you are such an amazing mother and person! I love reading your blog, I always leave feeling so inspired. What cute stories, it reminded me of Ayla always thanking me for washing her clothes..lol. Oh and she tells me all the time that God made the trees, stars, grass etc, but NOT our house..haha. I hope you have a great week, we are leaving for Disney tomorrow so if you think about it so a quick prayer for safe travels! Thanks so much!


  2. you have the funniest girls!! So adorable! :)

  3. you're such a sweet mommy! i loved all the
    precious stories, especially the 'double u!'

  4. ha ha... buy some more money!!! don't we wish it worked like that! she is learning so much and growing up so fast! sorry, i've been meaning to call... i've been out of commission a bit (let's just say that pregnancy #1 was a piece of cake compared to #2!). can't wait to catch up! oh, i got your text... my pic uploader in blogger has been the same for awhile. hmm. i wonder what's up?

  5. oh little darby. she has the cutest voice ever and the sweetest little thoughts! just think you must be doing such a great job as a mommy for her to have the oh so pleasant personality that she does. oh to be so innocent. can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

  6. What a beautiful prayer! That inspired me to stop and pray the same thing for Daniel :-) Even though I pray for him all the time, I needed to be reminded to submit to God that apart from Him I'll never be able to lead Daniel and raise him in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I've been reading your blog for a while and always enjoy it! If you'll send me your email address I'll send you an invitation to ours!

  7. You are such a great mommy! I was cracking up at your stories - what a fun girl!

  8. you are such a great mommy!!! Reading your blog inspires me!!!! I just love reading every day and getting to know more about you!!! Im so glad to meet you through blog world.........You my dear are a wonderful mom and person!!!! I hope you got your goodie basket!! Email me and let me know!!!

  9. also..........please hop over to my blog and join my swap!!!! Its going to be super fun!


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