Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back with a video...

Well I sure hope you weren't holding your breath waiting for my next  I am the worst blogger in all the land.  Summer is a crazy time.  We have been having sooo much fun tho.  I will just briefly fill you in so far....

*God has done miraculous and amazing things in a family situation that has been troubling for quite a long time.
*I still haven't introduced you to our new pet.
*I maybe had or didn't have mono.  I didn't feel like I had mono...well according to some of the stories I hear.  All I know is my first test was positive and the next which was a week later was negative.  So who knows...
*We had and thoroughly enjoyed Carson's first birthday party.  She is growing up so much!
*We went to Disney World.  Stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and just had a fantastic time!  I am going to share pictures soon.

Those are the main events.  

My hubby has been aspiring to do these creative films and is really still smack in the middle of learning software and getting ideas but for fun he shot this CUTE video of sweet Carson and I will share bc I think he did an absolutely AMAZING job.


  1. Love that video! Ya'll should submit that to Fisher should be a commercial! Love it :0)

    I am glad that God has done amazing things in a family situation!

    I was turning blue waiting for your next post chicka LOL....I am glad you still commented on my bloggy though....

    Eeeeeek what type of pet did you get? Do tell!

    I am glad to hear you are feeling much better and that it maybe wasn't mono....medical tests are so wierd sometimes....they may have had it mixed up with someone else or it was a false positive or something....just glad you are feeling lots better

    Can't wait to see Disney pics! Girl I feel ya on Summer time and being BUSY....

    Carson is such a cutie

    Summer :0)

  2. What a stinking cute video!! Love it! :) I can't wait to see your pictures from Disney World!

  3. Sounds like y'all have been busy and having a great time. Well except for the whole mono thing! Hope you feel better and they figure out what's going on!

  4. Beth,
    Thanks so much for your encouraging words! They helped more than ya know! I really needed to hear them today! Thanks girlie! I am so glad we are bloggy friends

    loves ya
    Sumer :)

  5. Oh and the Bachelorette is um crazy addicting....LOL....what is up with some of the guys....they crack me up...I like hold my hands over my eyes and peak through in embarrassment for them LOL....


  6. i am in love with this post. everything about it makes me smile!!! the video is amazing... i got all teary. the lighting, angles and music are all a perfect match to show off cutie carson! i thought of a name: fabulously fantastic films. LOL. i know chad is going to love it.

  7. this is a precious video. he did a great job. and the music and all does seem like a commercial. i totally agree send it to FP.

    glad you are back blogging!!!

    ps. how on earth do you keep your floors so clean????????????????

  8. that video is ADORABLE!! i loved it. and your house is lovely..

  9. hi beth! it was so great to hear from you!

    your husband is very talented. the video is
    charming and addictive. your little carson
    couldn't be cuter, and the song was just
    perfect. i could listen and watch over and

    blessings on your sweet family,

  10. I have been CHECKING and CHECKING for updates. Thank goodness for Facebook! I'm glad you are ok!

  11. I am so glad you are back!! I was getting worried about you. I hope you are having a great summer!


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