Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Husband Showcase...


This blog might turn into a place that I showcase my husbands amazing skills...
So I am here to present to you his second video...
It was shot this past weekend at our friends little girls 1 year birthday party.  I may be biased but if you ask me, he has got enough talent to knock your socks off ; )

Oh and I will just go ahead and tell you that our new pet is none other than...
Princess Fiona, the guinea pig.  She is cute on one hand and then a rodent on the other...hopefully I will get a picture up of her soon.  You may not believe me but I am serious, she IS cute, she has messy hair not the straight kind.

Anyway~back to the video...
I would challenge you to click the little tab at the bottom right side and bump up the quality of the video.  720p is HD but may run choppy or slow so I recommend the 480p bc it is still better quality but not as slow...your choice ; )


  1. That video is amazing!!! It gave me chills.

  2. you're right! your husband is extremely
    talented at these videos.

    it doesn't hurt that his subjects are so


  3. OMG! How cool. Love the video.

  4. love the videos. a rodent????????????????? yuck.

  5. THat is amazing! Your hubby is talented girl! Love the video it gave me chills super cute!!

    A guinea pig....I had one when I was a teenager named Cindy it was brown but she had red eyes eeeeek she creaped me out at night lol

    I love the name princess fiona....if you keep thinking princess maybe you wont think guinea pig lol

  6. So sweet! Love that song! What is the name of it? Happy belated first to your sweet girl!

  7. i enjoyed your husband's videos so much. i
    was curious what he would think of my
    daughter's music video. he could probably
    give us some good tips.

    sorry to bug you.

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  9. Wow! I so wish your talented husband had been at Allie Claire's birthday on Saturday!


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