Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm not sure what it is like but I am pretty sure I was close to it the other night when I came down with a stomach virus!  I wanted to die. 
{you should know I am totally being dramatic here, well kinda, some I am being a baby.  I know so many people battle all kinds of physical ills daily or regularly and I can't imagine it day in a day out but for my what is normally pretty healthy self, this is how it goes}
I wanted to put a gun to my head!
{see please don't take me too serious, remember I am being dramatic}
I hate the stomach bug!  I can't stand throwing up.  Thankfully though it only really lasted about 24 hours and I was better.  But my stomach has never hurt like it was with this virus....
And it was weird because when I woke up and felt nauseous at 3 am I totally almost woke chad up to go get me a pregnancy test although there was no real reason to think I could have not on purpose been pregnant.  It was weird.  I am glad it is over now... 

So I need to share something with you guys....but I will wait for the next post or so... but here is a teaser.

My sweet Darby.


  1. Sweet, sweet picture of little miss!

  2. darby couldn't look any cuter! i love her outfit and boots! so presh. so sorry you got so sick! glad it's done and over.

  3. i'm so sorry you had a stomach bug! it really is the worst!
    we are suffering from it, too, but i'm not NEARLY as sick
    as you were. poor baby.


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