Monday, October 18, 2010

Are you still my friends???

I can't be to sure if I have any blogging friends left after my ridiculously long absence...but alas I am back at it ; ).   I finally feel like I may have some more time for this blogging business!  I am telling you it is the shorter days!  It makes all the difference.

So what should I start you off with?  I don't know...but I have been in the worst mood lately.  It is getting on my nerves and I so I can only imagine how Chady feels about it.  (Well that sure was a downer to start off with...but that is what came to my brain.)

What else...well we went punkin pickin the other day and here are some pictures from this event!

The last picture is us girls with our choosen pumpkin...


  1. Of course we are still your friends chicka! Ive missed ya bunches! I gasped when I saw your comment I was like she's back....LOL.....ok so are you watching Dancing with the Stars funny stuff I tell ya....Ooooh and did ya see who the new bachelor is gonna be, guess he's back for round two LOL

    OK so you are so pretty and so are your presh girls....that's so funny we both posted about punkin' pickin haha
    Kelcee has that same it

    So you're probably out of the loop a bit on me I start Chemo Infusions Thursday....scary would you please say a prayer for me

    love ya

  2. I am still your friend! So glad you've returned to the blogging world!

  3. i think i already commented, but not sure if it went through. oops!

    beautiful, beautiful girls!!! you included! i love their outfits. i love pumpkin pics!

    so glad you're back. ; )

  4. welcome back! we missed your pretty face.

    what adorable punkins you have and how
    exciting about your new business! i will
    pray great blessings and success on this
    new chapter in your life.



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