Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's on my mind?

If I could bottle up the sweetness of my baby boy there wouldn't be enough containers in the world!  I'd say this about all three of my sweet kids!  I am so blessed beyond my own comprehension!  So thankful for HIS sweet grace and tender mercies!

So that was my facebook status tonight.  I literally have tears as I consider this.  I can't even believe my boy will be 2 months tomorrow.  I'm not usually this sentimental/emotional about things but maybe it's the fact that this is my last child (unless we adopt, more on that later) or maybe it bc I feel like God's grace has given me a deeper appreciation for my young children as I see how rapidly they grow.  I don't know but I can say that life this side of heaven (wink wink) is full of busyness, obstacles, pain, sorrow and what have you and I tend to be one to experience those things more than the sweet things, the loving, joyful things that God also gives us in His great kindness and favor and love toward us.  So I am especially thankful for the state of my heart right now.  Praise Jesus, and I am thankful for facebook asking me what was on my mind tonight so I could take some time and enjoy Him!

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