Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's up...

It is awesome being a mommy to my sweet little boy.  I honestly am so grateful for the family that God has blessed me with.  My cup surely does overflow!  I am not just saying that because it sounds good either.  My husband is amazing.  He is so smart and driven such a hard worker and succeeds at all he sets his mind on doing.  My kids each have their own personalities that absolutely captivate me.  We've been battling sickness in this house for the past few days.  Carson started it Sunday night when she struck a fever it only lasted about 24 hours and she was better.  Darby woke up this morning with it.  They get such high fevers it's crazy at one point with both they had a 103. something fever on the medicine and I was not due to give them any for a while!

So better late than never is was they always say, and I sure hope they are right.  Rowen is now only 9 days away from being 4 months yet I still have not documented his 2 month appointment!  So what did I learn at his visit?  Well, he had dropped from 95th percentile in weight to 25th so I had to start supplementing with formula.  Which is okay bc I want him to be well fed and I think being the third baby in the house I had so much going on and my milk just couldn't keep up.  That, and it never came in to the full amount that it did with the girls.  So then, just about a week ago I switched to bottles only because he just seemed hungry and it was so much to try and figure out what/if he was getting in breast milk.  He was at that appointment measuring in at 25th for weight, 60th for head circumference and 75th for height.  He is a very smiley, very happy baby!  I am sooo sad to see him getting bigger and bigger!  

Here is a picture of him taken right at 3 months by some photographer friends of ours.


  1. i love the pictures james took. rowen is so so cute. hunter and sage still have heads in the 98th percentile. poor things. : )

  2. He is so adorable! I don't know how you are doing it with 3 so close in age! My head spins with 2 close in age!!


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