Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Gifts and Ideas/Recipes

So yesterday was Darby's last day of preschool and now we have a break for the holiday.  I put together some things to give her teachers and I am also sharing some with my neighbors.

For your taste buds:

White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn!  Click here for recipe.   There is another version at Our Best Bites but I did the white chocolate kind.

To kill germs: (not caused by the popcorn)

Last year I made these.  This year I made them simular but went with the monogram version here instead.  Love them. 


  1. Yummo girl you are so creative....I want some white choco peppermint popcorn LOL how fun and creative and girl I love how you presented it in that little bucket pail all wrapped out the cuteness is so presh....

    Oh and um I love the sanitizer idea....I am totally gonna have to do that since I live with sanitizer with no immune system right now....

    thanks for stopping by today girl your comment made me smile, I think the steroid pulse is making me super chipper LOL


  2. So lovely! And what good pictures!!!! The popcorn sounds so good!

  3. you must have made many people happy! they look
    delicious and . . . sanitary. :)


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