Friday, December 10, 2010

She's a funny one...

At least that is what the doctor said at her 18 month check up. 
My sweet Carson is 25th percentile for head circumference, 50-75th for weight and 25th again for height.
She actually on the scale isn't too chubby but bc of her height she is my little butterball.
I love her, she is super duper sweet all the time.  It's been a while since I updated my blog on the kiddos so I need to more often for my records and such ; ).
She is running and walking rather well, her hair, bless her, is still slowly but surely growing in.  She is very quiet.  She talks but not much and not often.  She does repeat things you say when you ask....if she is in the mood.  Some times she spouts off in what we call her own language... She is generally just a heavy thinker and serious and quiet.  I love her little personality.  Her favorite jam is the ABC's.  She LOVES her big sister.  Really she loves all of us, the dog, dad and mom.  She is quite attached to her family and is so lovey.  I love watching Carson and Darby interact.  They play so great.  Yesterday when I picked Darby up from her little preschool Darby came and grabbed her hand and walked her over to her friends on the rug and asked, "Do you like my baby?". 
A week or so ago Carson went in to the bathroom and grabbed the step stool and brought it into Chad's office, first she tried to climb into his lap, then she was "helping" him work by bringing him CD's one at a time and getting him to stack them on his desk...then she just stood by watching and waiting to see if he needed help ; ).  It was so stinking cute.  I snapped a picture on my phone.  I think it is the cutest.


  1. that's adorable. such a sweet little elf.
    i am praying for little ansley.


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