Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family Pictures..."Vintagey"

On facebook I came across a super fun photographer, Kristen Pace.  We normally have our family pictures taken once a year or so and so this year here is what we went with.  It's kinda "vintagey".  I like it for a change from our traditional pics.  There are alot!  Trust me I know...I had to go thru and water mark all of them!  I tell you why.  I am not necessarily worried about yall stealing them but it is weird that if they came up in a google image search anyone could use them....  Anyway- these were my favorites!

I love my family!  I can't believe there will be 4 of us just months away!
Are you surprised??? .....cuz we were but surely babies are the best surprises EVER.


  1. Where did you get there cute little outfits! I love them and the pictures are awesome. Ok am I missing something, are you pregnant?

  2. you have to be the most beautiful family on the planet!
    and now there will be six of you!!! how wonderful!!!

    i will be praying for you throughout this pregnancy,
    that the Lord will increase your joy and peace as the
    babies increase in size.

    families with twins seem to have so much favor and


  3. ha ha! everyone will think i'm a moron! :)
    either way, a baby is SUCH a blessing, and
    five is the number for grace.

  4. I am the moron! I meant 5 everybody. That will be the total of my family size with the addition. So much for trying to cleverly share the news ; )

  5. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay! One for each of you!!! Congrats Beth!

  6. Hot Dof Beth! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and Chad and so sad that I'm too far away to enjoy and get to know your cute family! Love to everyone!
    Anne Bum Hop

  7. Those pictures are precious!!!!


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