Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What are you going to do for yours???

I love Christmas!  Love it!
It is definitely my favorite holiday!  I love the decorations, the music, the longer hours for shopping bc the stores are open later, the smells, the colors, the food....  I love giving gifts.  The only reason we get to enjoy any of it is bc of the birth of our precious and much needed Savior Jesus Christ!  Glorious!

Naturally, at the first sign of lower temperatures I start sing Christmas music ; ). So this brings me to my question....What are you going to do for your holiday cards???  I've been researching for a couple weeks now.  I was going to make my own.  Then quickly I realized that I'm not that creative so......
In my search I came across Shutterfly .  They have a TON of choices! Plus- Bloggers!  You can receive 50 FREE Christmas Cards click Here to see how.

My person favorites are the photo cards.  I love to send updated pictures out of our family to our friends and family with a short holiday greeting!

Here are some of my favorite cards for this year!

You can visit to look at all of the Holiday Card selections!

Or click here to see the assortment of Holiday Photo Cards

A great idea for the grandparents gifts would be a 2011 Calendar.  What a joy to see new pictures of the babes each month!  I plan to do them for our family as well. 

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  1. Last year Josh designed ours, so I'm gonna have him do it from now on. Love the designs you picked out!!! I love everything about Christmas that you mentioned as well... :)


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