Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!?!?

So just doing some nightly computering and I had my TV on bc I watched some of American Idol.  Glee comes on afterward.  I caught it once before in pieces and from what I saw it was just a typical standard american show...Okay so they were singing Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and I peaked up from my computer.  Okay so it was three couples singing and doing some very seductive dancing and dramatizations or whatever you want to call it (telling a story to go with the song if you will).  One couple I didn't recognize, the other was a teacher relationship I think and the other were students in HIGH SCHOOL.  I think that is awful!  HIGH SCHOOL.  Really?  So the girl didn't end up going thru with "it" and I guess that is how they justify that being appropriate?  I don''t know.  We have come a long way from what was on in my younger days and my kids are only 1 and 3 (almost).  I am very concerned.


  1. I was watching that as well and I was shocked at how much they were showing. I've always liked that show but I think all that gyration was unnecessary. Chris made the same comment about how far they go on TV now compared to how it used to be when we were younger. It's a scary world as a parent of young kids. I can't even imagine how much worse "the tube" will be when they're teenagers. Ugh...I shutter just thinking about it.

  2. it's really too bad... i didn't see it. we were going to tivo american idol while we were out at youth group but forgot!! we'll have to check it out on demand or online or something.

  3. That's crazy! I'm happy now I've never watched that show!!!

  4. I hate to hear that as I have watched this show in the past and have liked it. I did not however watch it tonight but It looks like that is a good thing. Yes it is amazing what they will put on the t.v. these days. Oh, btw, I love your last post and your Easter pics, I am like you, I have been absent in the blogging world lately, just not enough time! Hope you have a great week!

  5. That is so crazy! I'm happy now I have never watched the show either! It is just crazy what they put on TV now and some of the cartoons that they put on TV for kids now days are even um what do I say here not appropriate....LOL

    Have a great day sweetie
    Summer :0)

  6. ha ha! you guys are so cute! when i was young,
    we watched that scandalous ginger on 'gilligan's

    when my kids were little, we didn't have a t.v.
    after we got one, they could watch disney, the
    cooking channel, animal planet, and . . .i can't
    remember. :)

  7. I know what you mean! It is crazy. I always listen to the christian stations around here, but the other day I listened to a "pop" station and I COULD NOT believe what I heard. The music that these young kids listen to. I was in shock!


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