Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Yay!  I think I got them all uploaded!  Here are a lot of pictures of our Easter.
Still to come are pics from the eggstravaganza on Sat.

This is the Easter Bunny spread...

They got alot of nic-naks and beach towels with their names embroidered.  Carson got a pool float and Darby got the memory game.  So we went to the beach on good Friday and I let them wear their cute new bathing suits...I couldn't hold off for Easter!

This next pic is blurry but I could resist!

Doesn't that picture make you just want to jump thru your computer screen and kiss her with those precious sleepy eyes!?!  Okay...maybe just me.

These pics are at home and ready for church! 

The next pictures are a couple from right before church.  I had these high hopes of getting these fabulous pictures but with the sun and the pollen and the ducks that stole all of their attention it totally didn't work out.


  1. They are just adorable! I have so much trouble getting Finn's attention to get a good picture. He is a typical boy and doesn't like getting his picture made. They look so cute for church!

  2. so presh! umm, yes, i want to give her a big fat kiss and hug! they are just the cutest gals! they also made out on easter. am i a bad mom for not making hunter a basket?! i just figured grandma's would do... hunter indeed loved all of her goodies!

  3. They are just adorable!! I heart their smocked dresses! They are just to cute for words! Love those Easter Baskets super cute!! Look at all their goodies....just presh!

    Glad ya'll are having fun at the beach
    Summer ;0)

  4. Awe, these are such precious pictures! I love their adorable outfits...too cute!

    Heather =)

  5. Hey send me your email address again.ive been having rouble with my email account!!! Losing and having maeesages erased like someone has been in my account?!? I may have to get a new one! Email me at marialanek@yahoo.com
    with your address........it got sent back to me this afternoon and so I guess I had the wrong ADDRESS!!!!!! Im so sorry!!!!!Since I now have the pkg back i feel way better!!! Shoot me an email with your address again and I will get it out tomorrow!!!!! Again, hope you forgive me!!! so sorry dear!

  6. Oh and by the way I LOVE LOVE your easter baskets did you make those?@?@? TOO precious!!!! And I love your easter pics your babies are precious!!!

  7. You're girls look DARLING! Love their dresses!
    I'm so excited you are going to do those birthday ideas!!! I'm flattered! I had so much fun doing them!

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love those Sunday dresses! They are so cute!

  9. They look so pretty Beth. You did a great job as the "Easter Bunny". They made out like bandits!

  10. Awe Beth, they are just gorgeous.. and yes I could squeeze those cheeks too!!

  11. Awwwww your girls are so adorable! Can't wait to see more!


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