Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To tie you over!

You will never believe it but I have typed and uploaded a post 3 times now and then something happens with the internet and I lose everything!  I am at the beach on vacation and the internet signal is not always good!  So here is a little sweetness to tie you over!


  1. How precious! I love their dresses.....smocked dresses are so cute and fun! They are just beautiful Beth! Ugggg on the uploading of pics and then loosing the connection! Can't wait to see them! Hope you are having a fab time at the beach

    Summer :0)

  2. Awww, They are super cute! Enjoy your vacation. Im going to the beach today too!

  3. Enjoy your vacation! The girls are precious!

  4. They are so beautiful Beth. Enjoy your time at the beach with those precious girls!!!

  5. Oh, enjoy the beach! Q and I REALLY want to take Gooner to the beach. I miss your sweet posts!

  6. that must have been sooooooo frustrating!

    thanks for the sweetness, VERY sweet!

    have lots of fun at the beach. we are off
    to a special place that i am not allowed to
    tell yet. will have lots of fun stories to
    tell when we return, though.

    blessings on your precious family,

  7. Very cute! We just got back from the beach!

  8. Have a great vacation! I still adore those rompers!!!! :)

  9. Hi Beth, I just wandered over to your blog and I love it! Your babies are beautiful. Love their outfits! Have fun at the beach.

  10. so beautiful - they look adorable!!! i hope you are having a wonderful time at the beach! the beach sounds blissful. i miss you. i was about to call you but i don't want to interrupt any family beach time. we must hang out when you get back. xoxo!


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