Thursday, April 8, 2010

What does it take....

for you to consider your house clean?
or slightly less?
or a lot less?

well I can tell you for sure that my standards have changed dramatically!
My house is a wreck right now.  Just getting back from out of town leaves alot to unpack and put away and I didn't leave my house in horrible condition but not great either.  So anyway.  I know I still have more easter pics to share but I cleaned my downstairs and was just thinking on this subject. 

If my floors are clean I am happy.  Mopped and vacummed I am good no matter what other mess is around.  Usually too tho if my floors are clean I am more motivated to clean the other stuff.  I just bought myself one of these bad boys....I love it bc you can just throw the mop head in the washer and I feel much cleaner that way.  It is a Libman wonder mop.

and this is the vacumm I love.  Researched it on consumer reports after I got in a new vacuum wanting mood a few years ago bc the kirby ppl came to my door.  They sold me on the product but not the price.  This vacuum got the whole 5 stars as the kirby did for suction and it is WAY less.  I comes in bagless and bag versions but I got the back bc with my old bagless I kept having to change the stinkin filter and it got annoying and expensive.  It's a Kenmore Progressive.  It has lights that light up red, orange, yellow and green to show is amazing...truly.

Anyway- just thought I would share this little bit of useless information with you...  I keep wanting to do the Show Us Your Life friday but I forget about maybe next time.  I think cleaning tips might have been a recent one so maybe this can just count as a late one :-).


  1. Girly you can do show us your life Friday next week and ya didn't miss out because Kelly post poned it....Soooo I will remind ya so we can all join in on the Blog Hop fun....LOL

    Ew I want one of those bad boy mops! See I alway read your blog and buy stuff LOL....

    Summer :0)

  2. I am crazy about some clean floors! That is a must in this house, we don't even wear shoes in our house! I am in love with my Dyson Ball and my steam mop. Also this WOW floor cleaner that is kid safe. It smells so good. It is hard to find so when I see it I stock up! Just thought I would share!

  3. Uggg, a truly clean house is my fantasy! I think clean for me nowadays is just having all the toys picked up and toilets/counters scrubbed! Floors drive me nuts too, thank goodness for tile vacuums!

  4. I agree! I use to consider myself a neat freak but now with two boys it would be impossible to keep up with that title. Just have to learn to do what you can and not get stressed about the rest. cute blog!


  5. I used to be OCD about cleanliness. I became a Mom. I'm not anymore. I'd rather keep my sanity. :)

  6. lately i have become obsessed with having clean floors all the time. i think last week i vaccumed like 6 times. but, overall, i like everything in it's place at all times, but my house doesn't have to be perfectly clean at all times (wow, i sure said "time" a whole bunch). i have a dyson ball (kelly got it when he worked at best buy for like 75% off!) and i adore it.

  7. If all the clutter is picked up and off the counters, I feel good!!


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