Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can you blog from a Blackberry?

I know I have been a little M.I.A. lately.  I have just been rediculously busy and I have NO energy left at the end of the day!  Today was stressful fo rme!  I lost my phone!!!  I mean what an inconvience!  It is sooo hard not to have your phone and if you loose then you can't transfer your numbers over and you loose your SIM frustrating! 

So anyway, after retracing my steps and calling some places I ended up going to get a new phone!  I got a blackberry and its kind of a celebration of finally joining the smartphone internet on your phone crowd.  It's kind of exciting.  But I didn't want to buy a new phone!  I was so frustrated at the cost of it, fortunately I was up for an upgrade, but still.  I wish I had an old phone that I could have just used while I researched and made a decision on what phone to get and etc but I don't so it was either have no phone or go get one!

So I did, but then I found my other one!  It literally must have sprouted some legs and hid itself where it was bc I had NO IDEA how it got where it was.  So now I am trying to I return the new one?  But it is so fun!  Or keep the old one?  Ahhhh.... I looked up my blog on the blackberry and I can get it and all of yalls too but it does take awhile.  I can even leave comments!  so fun...  I doubt I will do it from my phone often bc of the time but it will be something I will def do if I am waiting in a doc office (and for some reason don't have kids to run after)! 


  1. Oh no, internet access on your phone is dangerous...but oh so helpful! We had to get it with our new phones about a year ago and I love it for so many reasons, but hate it at the same time for so many reasons...haha!
    Hope things slow down a bit so you can relax and blog :)

  2. I say keep it, esp since you were up for an upgrade anyway. You deserve it Momma, just keep it and ENJOY!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Long time no blog! I've missed you deary! Keep it! You sooo deserve it! Oh and we have lost Greg's phone before yep Kelcee threw it in the trash and he took the trash to the garage to be taken out the next day and I called his phone to find it and the trash bag started ringing LOL.....

    Have a fab weekend and enjoy your new phone
    Summer ;0)

  4. what a great new toy! and may i congratulate you for
    thinking outside the box and NOT getting an i-phone,
    like the rest of the world? :)

    have missed your sweet self!

  5. I think it should just be your birthday present to yourself! Keep it! And if you ever lose your phone again, you will have your old one for backup. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY pretty lady!

  6. hope your day has been grand, birthday girl!!! i think you should keep the blackberry. just don't lose it! ; )

  7. I lose my phone sometimes, and it scares me...I can't stand to be without out, ha! You should keep the phone if you are wanting to... ;-)


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