Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Cutest Things

I am "allowed" to blog again bc I am at a stand still with my Christmas cards. I realized the other night that I need more ink in my return address stamp. That can be fixed on Monday and I can drop them in the mailbox at the post office and be done! Thats a relief. But that leads me to my first cutest thing!

My Three Designing Women Return address stamp!

I couldn't find a picture of what mine looks like but even since I bought mine a while ago they have come out with several more designs so here are a couple other designs I think are fun:

You can find more and lots more cute stuff at

The next cutest thing (i'm not talking in order from most cutest to least just the next thing on my list) is my cute 2 yr old! She says things that make me laugh! Today she wanted to call her daddy on the phone so I called him, put it on speaker, and gave the phone to her. He didn't answer so she had to leave a message which she only semi understands that concept. So when she didn't hear him talking back she said, "oh no mommy I need speaker phone on". Oh my goodness, she is so cute to me!

I interupt this blog to put a CUTE picture of Darby and Carson. Carson is either kissing Darby or eating her...I don't know? They love each other!

The next cutest thing is my baby Carson! I enjoy her sooooo much. What I love and think is the absolute cutest is when she gets so excited and kicks her legs and flails her arms and smiles so big and just breathes in and out loudly or laughs. I mean that is SO cute!

My last cutest thing in my blog are these sanitizer bottles that I made last night at a girls night with my community group ladies! I am so pleased with how they turned out! I got the idea from the idea room blog. Her picture came out much better than I can get mine to, but here are mine anyways. It is such a CUTE little gift. I am giving them to little Darby's preschool teachers for christmas gifts.

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