Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My After Christmas Bargains

Almost all of the Christmas decorations that I use were hand me downs from my family. I've used the same decorations for 5 years now and this year I was just bored with them. So I made myself a swanky new wreath (as posted on a previous blog). I set out the day after Christmas in search of some fun new decor that would point us to the real meaning of Christmas during the holiday. So here is what I got: The Joy letters were the real steal of a deal because they are regularly $20 and I paid $3.75 at The Family Christian Store in the Mall. I also got the Kneeling Santa ornament (this reminds me of Chads grandfather who died just recently and also since we will somewhat do the santa tradition I wanted to incorporate Jesus even into that). I got it at the same store for $5.62 (they had a cheaper one but this was better quality) and it was originally $15. I got Darby the Saint Nicholas Veggie Tales DVD from that same store as well for $5.61 and it was origanlly $15. At that store I saved $34.99 on all three things and spent $16! Then I got the Angel table top decor at Belk. They had 75% off their Christmas stuff. I spent $16 on both of them and saved $46.50! What I didn't get at Belk but really really wanted was this tree decoration that coordinated with these angels. It was originally $110 so even at 75% off I would have spent what I did on all of these things for just that one thing. I loved it but I couldn't bring myself to do it. So my plan is to eventually collect my own set of Christmas decor after the holiday each year.

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  1. those are great deals!!! what cute cute stuff! i couldn't bring myself to spending any money - no matter how cheap - because the thought of not being able to use it for an entire year always holds me back. so, it looks like we will still have a charlie brown tree next year! i know i will regret not getting a good one when christmas rolls around again! oh, and the pics of the girls from christmas morn are so precious!!!


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