Saturday, December 19, 2009

How Deep the Father's Love

So this is the season for celebrating Gods love through the birth of Christ, right? I am still trying to understand just how gently and perfectly he loves me day to day. It is hard to imagine perfect love. I think in a world tainted with sin it is impossible, the only thing we can do, is gain a better and deeper understanding of it as we walk with Him, as we offer our heart, as we go through life, through struggles and joys, etc... Tonight, wait let me back up... Today, Darby and Carson got their picture taken with Santa! I am still shocked bc 1. I had the patience to wait in line and 2. because Darby (and Carson!) GLADLY sat in Santas lap. I talked to Darby yesterday about giving her passys to santa and she went right along with the idea talking about how she is a big girl and passys are for babies. I thought this might be my chance, so I took it! Anyway, back to tonight, she obviously had a hard time not being sad over the fact that she didn't have a passy. So I tried to be extra sympathetic (which does not come naturally for me). It went okay but then she got out of bed, so I went in and held her and rocked her and sang to her for what felt like an eternity. One of my goals in parenting is to show my children to the best of my ability the love of God. How gentle, how patient,how comforting... I don't even know these things for myself so that seems like a challenge but I think one way God will teach me is through doing it! I kept holding her and I knew she was sad and confused. All I really wanted to do was take my shower and go to bed myself but every time I wanted to put her down I just said to myself I know God just has to keep holding on, I kept picturing myself in his arms, and him agonizing over the fact that I am sad and confused and even weeping for me. I hope I can hang onto this picture for a while. I know he is near to me. I know he cares for me because why else would we be celebrating Jesus' birth in six days. This is one of my most meaningful Christmases to date. I'm so thankful for the Gospel of grace, love and hope that it gives! Darby ended up saying that she wanted to lay down in her bed again and so I put her back down and gave her kisses and she said as I did it, thank you mom.... I'm so glad I was patient!

Love, Love, Love this song! How Deep the Father's Love For Us
You will have to pause the music at the bottom of the blog to listen but it is WORTH it!

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  1. so sweet beth! i am glad she did okay. and hey, she won't want to be rocked forever. enjoy it while you can! the love that God lavishes upon us is remarkable!


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