Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This will be my collection of a bunch of random things. Today Darby said a couple of funny things. She said, and who even knows where she learned this from, "no, NEVERRRR"-what in the world!?! She also said to me when I asked her to clean up her toys, "okay, I'm trying". She is so funny. This afternoon at Walmart I had a moment that really truly was innocent but man I get freaked out when ppl do this! This old guy was blocking my way to get down the isle and he turned and saw I was blocked and rather than moving his cart he struck up a 10 min conversation with me. He really was so sweet. I learned that he used to sell insurance for a particular company and is now retired. He is also retired from the navy. He now works some for Met-Life just for something to do. I know when he worked for the first insurance company he used to make over $100,000. I have the name if you are interested in the company bc he gave it to me to tell my husband to call them if he is not making enough money. He talked to Darby about Santa Claus. He gave Darby a dollar bill, that he told her Santa asked him to give her. I hope this isn't bad but then we put it in the salvation army bucket when we left-I heard that charity is kind of iffy. Can I tell you that I really have been craving watching a movie. I really haven't seen one in ages it seems like. Well wait, I take that back I took Darby to see one the other day but I mean like an adult movie! Anyway, I hope all of you (all three of you) have a Merry Christmas.

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  1. what is it with retired men and striking up conversations with perfect strangers?! my grandpa does that all the time. it always embarrasses me if i am around. they all are really just so nice though. it was sweet he gave her $1! i have been itching to see a movie too. -coming from the girl who has not been to the movie theater since last summer (2008), and hasn't seen but 3 movies all year...craving a movie is strange for me!


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