Monday, January 4, 2010


Okay I totally got side tracked when I sat down to write this blog 2.5 hours ago. First it was baby Carson, poor thing. She is going through something. Teeth maybe, cold maybe, or maybe adjusting from our travel this past weekend. So I went in and gave her a bit of tylenol and rocked her. I rocked her and rocked her (dad, if you are reading this...that chair was so worth the money). I didn't want to let go! I thought about her being a teenager and not fitting in my arms anymore and that made me hold her tighter to keep her from growing. I prayed for her for and for her future and that God would be glorified in her life and that He would call her to faith in Him ALONE at a young age. I am not a good sit stiller but I couldn't let go. When I was holding her I could just feel the JOY seeping into me like through osmosis or something ; ). I love her she is so beautiful.

Then I sat back down to write my totally different blog than this and went to get a link to a blog I discovered and got side tracked there reading her blogs and stories. You can read for yourself here at Katies Keepers. An amazing story of faith in a difficult time. I cried and cried but am encouraged.

I have been guilty of trying to figure out God recently. I've been trying to figure out why God does what he does and trying to predict even what he is doing in my life instead of just patiently waiting in the desert for Him. If one thing is for sure nothing THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN is permanent. Our hope has to be in THE One and Only the Great I AM.

Psalm 46:10 "Be still (beth) and know that I AM God"

He doesn't just leave us stranded though.

Isaiah 58:11 "The Lord will guide you always"

God goes before us (the Alpha) is with us now and will forever always be (the omega)-What great hope!

We went on a trip to Jacksonville this past weekend to visit my mom (and brother) and here are some pics from our trip!
Darby the Mermaid!

This was a joke bc I told him we could send this pic to his girlfriend to show her what he can do ; )
I'm gonna gitch gitcha gitcha


  1. it looks like you had a fun trip! i've never seen your bro before - i think you guys look a lot alike. praying for you!

  2. hey lady - i just took time to read all your blogs and catch up on everything that's been happening. this one was by far my fave...i just love what you wrote about holding sweet Carson. I know you cherish those moments when you can see how God must may pray that you would know that God looks on you and loves on you the way that you look/love on Carson. love you sweet friend and i will be checking in more often now that the crazy days are past.


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