Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do You Know??

Do you know that India is the 2nd largest country in population (but it is actually a smaller country)?

Do you know that 60% of the worlds population is in Asia?

Do you know that India has the most unreached people for Christ?

These are rough statistics that I researched but I read that only 3 percent of the population in India are Christians. I also read that 73% of the Christians in India are Catholic. There are ALOT of unreached people for Christ in India.

When I look at India I see a beautiful people that God made in His own image who in the midst of a lot of struggle (poverty, etc) are desperately searching for life.

I've been wanting to adopt a child from India. I know it won't hardly put a dent in the poverty crisis that exist but it may be a start. so....

Do you know what is a good organization to go with? Compassion International or Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope?

I am leaning toward Bridge of Hope because I think all the money is used for the purpose of supporting the child. You know how you hear of organizations that by the time they take out administrative fees and what not then only a small percentage goes to the actual purpose of the donation? Anyway, blah blah blah. Any ideas?

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  1. we have a child in indonesia through world vision. we have had him now for over 6 years. it has been amazing to see pictures of how he has grown and matured in Christ. i wouldn't use world vision again... world vision spends a lot on admin fees. my aunt worked for compassion at their headquarters in colorado and she always said that they spend the least out of all other orgs. on admin fees and most of your money goes directly to the kids.


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