Thursday, January 7, 2010


So you might notice a few changes to my blog.... enjoy them while they last because I am about to revamp my blog. Hopefully, I hope I am not speaking to soon. This is assuming I can accomplish the task! Still some work to be done but I purchased some "blogwear" from Scrap Matters.
I hope this one will last me longer. I am really excited tho.

Check out my new signature at the bottom of this post. So exciting. Learned how from the Sneaky Momma Blog Design blog. I also added a post divider and learned how from the shabby blog tutorial.

I am going to be really annoyed if these links don't work. I have the worst time with them. If you are thinking about blogging...BEWARE, it can become an obsession. I call myself a blogaholic. But I really think that once I get my design the way I want it then I will be much less involved! It is a fun hobby for me though for now.


  1. ok what is wrong with my links!?! I don't get it...Carissa I am calling you tomorrow

  2. have you been highlighting them (or you can highlight something like "click here" so the whole link isn't listed in your post) and then clicking the link button? after you click the link button you have to enter the link into the small box that appears. then click ok. i am impressed with your signature! also, i thought you were buying something from scrapmatters? i can't wait to see the polka dot plum one.

  3. My new background is from polka dot plum! Can't wait to see the results Beth! I'm addicted too...I think about it WAY too much!


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