Sunday, January 24, 2010

What did I get pierced???

Ha ha I love the suspense I am creating! So I am just wanting to see what you think... I got a piercing this past weekend (I know I am so crazy). What do you think I did?

My nose??? I do LOVE India!

My belly button??? Since I had to take mine out when I got prego with Darby!

My ear cartiledge??? Which I also had done along time ago!

Or my lip??? To tap into my inner punk!

Lets see what you think! Don't be scared.


  1. you definitely are crazy! although, i would still have my nose pierced if i wasn't allergic to the earrings!!! i really don't think it's your lip. i hope it's not. if it, i will think you are crazier than ever. i think it's your nose.

  2. I think it's your belly button since you had to take it out for babies to grow :)

  3. i think ear or nose!!!:)


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