Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LoVe My NeW bLoG!!!

My friend Carissa is awesome! Look at this blog....Isn't it great!?! She designed it for me and it was so close to not happening bc once she practically had it all designed, her computer got a virus that nearly killed it. BUT thankfully she was able to nurse it back to life and rescue my blog design! Thank you, thank you Carissa for making my blog so fabulous! You are the best. I don't think blogging will ever be the same again = ). If you notice I have a button now! Go ahead and take it and put it on your blog...cuz after all she did work so hard at making it!


  1. Awesome! I want one...how much does she charge? Let me know. alscott77@yahoo.com

  2. It is FABULOUS! Carissa did a great job! I love the colors...he he, they look like my house kind of! Miss y'all!


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