Saturday, January 30, 2010


Does it REALLY cost that much to go see a movie!?! Well at least at my theater it does! I can't believe it! And I feel old when my sister and I are talking about remembering when it used to be $4.00. Wow. I just think that $9.75 is crazy!

Last night some of my lady friends and I went to dinner and a movie (wish I had a picture! camera is dead). It was the most fun. We went to see When in Rome.

It was an overall cute movie and weird at some points! It is rated PG-13. I have recently taken to reading Plugged In Online movie reviews. I really want to be in the practice and knowing and caring about movie content for when my girls watch movies. There most likely will be negative aspects to most movies but reading the reviews and being prepared will help me to share what is actually biblically correct verses worldly philosophy. I think movies can be a great way to talk and have spiritual conversations with your kids. This is a short synopsis of Plugged Ins review, "When in Rome is a silly, predictable, occasionally sweet and relatively clean romcom. It's refreshing to see a romance not terminate under the sheets. But while the film doesn't overemphasize sex, it errs in another way—underemphasizing marriage, or at least its sanctity and sacredness."

I would recommend this movie to you tho. It is a 100% bona fide chic flick!! Grab some girl friends or your sister or mom and head to the movies! If you can afford it!!!


  1. okay... i am so behind on movies that it took me a moment to understand the word, "romcom." am i pathetic or just way out of touch?!!! ha ha! it really was such a fun night. we so should've used my camera to get a picture!

  2. I hear ya! I took Brandon and Becky to the movies the other night and we saw the 3D version of Avatar (a must see!) (it cost more for the 3D glasses) plus some snacks... that was a big night out!


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