Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun times in Raleigh!

Oh man. Me and my sister have been in Raleigh since yesterday and we are having a good time. It's just a girl trip...Me, Carson and Darby met up with Amanda (my sis) and Claire. We decided Raleigh because it is exactly half way bw where we live and she lives. It is also a big city with FUN SHOPPING! We leave tomorrow and so far our trip has been fun but exhausting. It is hard to sleep if one baby wakes up and then the other regularly throughout the night! But we are surviving! Barely though, it was a rough day on the road for us! We could have probably gotten into 500 wrecks but God did spare us from every one! This morning we went to get the girls pictures taken at Portrait Innovations for "Valentine's Day" also for fun and we were just intending to get the $10 package special with one pose of all three girls...well we have the CD so needless to say, that did not happen! Here are some pics we got and I am saving one to show you on Valentine's Day bc I want it to be a surprise for some of my family readers!

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  1. how cute are those girls!!!! glad you are having a good time with your sis and niece!


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