Thursday, January 28, 2010

There is always something!

I can never have everything I need it seems like! If I have diapers then I need wipes. If I have formula then I need cereal or babyfood. Or maybe I need baby bath but if I have that then I probably need lotion. Why can't all these things run out at one time so I don't have to make a bazillion trips to target!?! And that is just the baby and toddler stuff! So when you add in my personal items... then there really is ALWAYS something outstanding that I need to get from target.

Not a whole ton to blog about these days because we have pretty much been stuck in all week due to illness. We all got a cold but poor Darby seemed to get hit the worst with it! She was awful. She has NEVER been so sad or sick. She ended up getting an ear infection which explains all of that! So she is on antibiotic now and def. seems to be doing much better today. I have been semi-productive while stuck in and have done some much needed cleaning so that is a bonus.

I am looking for some creative ideas for old formula cans. Since Carson went to formula I have been saving the cans and now I just need to nail down exactly what I want to do with them! I get the target brand and it is a great can bc it has a solid white neutral! Any ideas?


  1. i am the same way with target. we had to stop there tonight after the movie because julie and i both needed something! target is clearly the best store in this country... especially considering that you can buy diapers, shampoo, clothes, and shoes all in the same place. such a mother's dream.

  2. Take a look at this site. So cute!

    Julie gave me a few also. I havent figured out what Im going to do with mine yet. lol

  3. :( I'm sorry that y'all have had a cold and Darby has been so sad and sick... wish I was there to make some chicken soup. but sending warm loving chicken soup vibes xox


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