Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm so behind!

Posting Giveaway soon! Had my friend in town the past couple of days! Her 2 boys and my 2 girls have had a good time together. She sells Premier Jewelry and tonight I host a "show" it was really fun, I love Premier Jewelry it is ridiculously cute! I am so behind on blogging and reading blogs and etc.! Carson turned 9 months today and ideally I would be catching you up on what is going on in her world but it will have to get added to list of things I need to do! Until next time...


  1. so glad the party was fun! i'm still sad i wasn't there!!! this just means you need to have another one soon so i can come. : )

  2. Fun, waiting for your giveaway!! I just started my very first giveaway today!! I think you will LIKE it.. you should check it out!!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Beth,
    Thanks sooo much for your sweet post on my blog! It made me tear up! I am so glad we "met" through blogland! Sorry my post was sad today! I usually try to keep it upbeat and as positive as I can but I also want to raise awareness for DM and JM as well!

    I am super excited for your blog give away!! That will be fun....

    Hope you have a Good Weekend and Happy Friday

    We are taking Kelcee to Disney on Ice tonight she is super excited to see Daisy....I sure hope Daisy is there tonight LOL...

    Summer :0)


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