Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day Giveaway!

First of all, Happy Valentines Day!
Second, check out a couple ways I tried to make Valentines Day fun for Darby (and Carson). I got the Idea to put the hearts on the doors from a blog or website I don't even remember somewhere online. I would have filled the whole door with them but that is all the red and pink construction paper I could find (I thought I had more!). I put compliments on them. I had to learn a hard lesson about complimenting people so I am glad to do this for my girls. So where is the best place to get Valentines Day ballons? The dollar store! Paid only $1 for each balloon. I have a cute girly cookbook that I got a fun Idea for donuts out of and so I share them with you all.

So what is the Giveaway? Well....My friend Carissa is hosting a givaway! A good one too! She designed my blog for me and she is partnering with The Design Girl to....well just go to her blog and I'll let her explain and maybe you could be the winner of a fabulous blog design!


  1. umm, i want a donut now. they look so delish... especially on your pretty plate! you made the day so sweet for the girls. you are such a good mommy.

  2. yummm... i want a donut! The compliments hearts, similar, but not to be confused with conversation heart s, are so cute Beth! Such a good idea! No wonder Darby knows she's special... she has the best mom. Just a special mommy you are! Love you!

  3. YUMMY! Those donuts look amazing! You have two lucky little girls to have such a GREAT mommy!!

    Thanks for the idea about the heart shaped compliments....I think I will use that next yar for Kelcee....

    Oh and girly I heart the $1 Store for Balloons....I seen in the paper where are local grocery store was selling the same balloons for $4.00 um no....So I went to the dollar store and bought some and I wanted the froggy one soooo bad (I collect froggy stuff) but the lady who walked in front of me had the last one.....Oh well I got the cute monkey one instead....

    Have a great day
    Hope ya'll are feeling better
    Summer :0)


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