Friday, February 5, 2010

A MUCH needed night on the town...with a little creepiness!

So date night with the girls tonight! Loved it! We went to where else but Your Pie, our favorite! Just so you know it is a 30min drive to get there. So you KNOW we love it. Of course we got to see the spinning coburg cow and wave and blow he/she some kisses so that was fun. It was great. You know the weather was rainy and having two girls one in an infant carrier, a purse, and a floppy seat is not easy. We were eating our pizza and I looked up and it was PORING rain. This was a bit of a panic moment considering I decided against the umbrella and Darby's rain coat due to the fact that I only have 2 arms. But praise the Lord the rain stopped and we got out without melting bc you know we would have ; ). Here is Darby at Your Pie (last time we went) **phone camera pic

I told Darby before dinner we could go to the book store when we were done eating. I was hesitant bc of the weather so when we were driving away from the restaurant I said," Darby, do you want to go to the bookstore or go home?" She replied, "The bookstore". So I said, "okay, I am just a little nervous about the weather (mainly talking to myself)" and she said, "its okay mom" and something along the lines of "it'll be alright". Gotta love the pep talk. So off we went to Barnes and Noble, which is why I am up writing this blog bc of my Starbucks treat I forgot to get in decaffeinated. It was so great tho. I never knew how fun it could be. They have a train table and of course lots of books and fun stuff for the kids. I sat at one of the little table looking at the CUTEST girly cookbooks (I bought them, I had to, it was for a good cause anyway, right?). I told Carson no for the first time tonight = (. I think I will start using that more often bc she really can begin to understand it now. So when she grabs her spoon while I am feeding her and flings baby food everywhere... Anyway, I was amazed at how much she enjoyed it there. The girls played and once again...the sky dropped out and once again...cleared in time to leave. It was so fabulous. Here is Carson playing at Barnes and Noble. **camera phone pic

Oh I almost forgot! The creepiness! So during our play time there was this random adult man wandering around the kids section. He didn't seem like a dad looking for something for his kids (you know dads would be attracted to the display table, with good books but limited selection, it is just easier!). He was there forever! That creeps me out especially since that shopping center has had its share of crime. He did eventually leave and I was thankful. If he wasn't up to no good tho then why don't ppl consider their creepiness factor???


  1. i really want to go to my pie. it's so sweet that you gals had a girl's night!!! when sage is born, we will have to plan more so she and i can come along. : ) oh, and about bare minerals... does it have good coverage? i, unlike you, am VERY acne prone - it's doo doo. but, i need a makeup to cover the blemishes. let me know if you'd think it'd cover them. i am out of my clinique foundation (i think it lasted me over a year - yay!!!) but i found out that they don't make my kind anymore. so, i'm in the market for some new stuff. what is the cost like?

  2. fun night with the girls :) Did you figure out how to get your pics from phone to computer? I just emailed them to you this morning.

    and UUUUUUUUU on the creepy guy in B&N... we have had A LOT of crimes in Jax involving pedifiles... turns my stomach... and then I think about how glad I am not to have small children in this city.... but the sad thing is it's not just jax... it's everywhere... **keep your phone handy and take pictures of these creepy people... forward them to law enforcement and tag with suspicious behavior.

  3. Not to freak you out but just want you to be careful. This was in our paper in Spartanburg this morning about a guy at Barnes and Noble....

  4. I just love your girls names! Darby and Carson sooo cute!!
    How creepy about the Barnes and Noble stalker dude! That is sooo creepy when a random guy just wonders around a kid section um without a kid! Like you said HELLO CREEPY FACTOR please!!

    I wish we had a pizza place like that around here! Oh and girl I have been there one to many times when you have your hands full and weigh out the umbrella thing hoping it really isn't gonna rain and um it does....and you pray it stops and it finally does long enough to jet out to your car before it pours again LOL....

    That's sooo funny you picked up that mag is one of my guilty pleasures :0)

    It is snowing here....we are snowed in....sorry for the looooong post
    Have a Happy Saturday
    Summer :0)

  5. What a fun day.. well except for the creepy I love to take the kids to Books A Million, they love the train table and they both love books so it works out well! Glad you are having a great weekend!

  6. okay you twisted my arm...I just updated my post with my surprise..hehehe!!!


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