Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OuR wOrLd...

Here is an update on what is going on in our world...

For starters we are going on day 7 of quarantine and illness! It is awful and I am going to go insane if this last any longer. Just saying. So I kept Darby home from school for the 3rd time today. She does seem much better but I always ask myself if I would question another parent for bringing their child in her condition and so she is home, she still has snot and her cough sounds kinda yuck but I think she would have been fine to go. We have stayed home with vary limited outings and I have enjoyed the slow pace of life in the past week but I'm itching to get going again.

I never started reading my Twilight books! I got them in but I get nervous that I will neglect my kids and my house when I start reading them so I keep trying to get things "caught up" before I start. Well it has been 3 weeks of saying that so I think I am going to just dive in and do it and get it over with!

My girls are so cute! They continue to crack me up all the time. Here is an example of some of the things I stumble across during the day that just makes me laugh and hug and squeeze them:


  1. So sorry the girls are sick…Kaz and I REALLY enjoyed spending a little time with Darby last night…Kaz especially because he’s not around kids a lot! Enjoyed hanging out last night. I’m so encouraged by you….

  2. kaz was so sweet with her amy! It was cute! it was lots of fun last night!

  3. okay, now you both are making me real sad that we weren't there last night!!! beth, that pic cracks me up! your girls are too cute!

  4. haha, love the "daddy" on the potty!


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