Saturday, February 6, 2010

Started as One Thing Ended as Another

Here is an assortment of photos from off of my cellphone. Thought it would be fun bc they go way back (well since April of 2009, but that is a lot of time in the development of these youngens).
A Cherished Moment in Time! Mine and Darby's first Starbucks date!

Mom in training : )

You mean she used to wear diapers?

Baby Carson catching some rays (tiny bit of jaundice when she was born)

I mean sweet!

The BEST big sister ever! The other day I had to go into her classroom at her CDO preschool program and she told her friends, "This is my mommy and this is my sister" and pointed to us as she said it. Melted my heart! Alot of times after school too (she goes twice a week) she will tell Carson in the sweetest voice, "Hey, Carson, I missed you".

Matching Sisters!

Carson in the hospital. Before you wonder. When she was almost 2 months old she spiked a high fever one night and she had just gotten over a Urinary Tract Infection. She was scheduled to do some testing bc it is VERY unusal for a child under 2 yrs old to get a UTI. So I called the dr. and we had to bring her to the Children's Hospital that night. She was admitted and we stayed for 7 days and went home with a central line to administer IV antibiotics for another 10 days. Did some testing and turns out she has kidney reflux (don't know if that is technical term). The way her ureters go into her bladder coming from kidneys is off some and so urine from her bladder will go back up into her kidney and it is old and stale and is waste really and turns to infection. She has stage 4 out of 5 and takes an antibiotic everyday to prevent infection. She gets checked occasionally and at a year they will do the whole big testing that she had initially over. She will either grow out of it or have surgery to correct it way later down the road. Man this should have been its own seperate blog. Sorry this is getting so lengthy! Maybe I will stop at the hospital pics and continue with the rest another time! Oh and don't let her belly button scare you, she had an umbilical hernia but it is gone now.

So the day we came home from the hospital after she was born I didn't even dress her up bc she was sleeping and I didn't want to wake her(second baby). So it was glorious when we got to leave the hospital this time too so I got her all dressed up for this trip home! (wish I would have discovered bowbands at this point but oh well)

I wasn't attempting to make a background with the white sheet I promise! I covered the couch with sheets for our stay bc hospitals gross me out you know EVERY surface is not cleaned from one patient to the next...


  1. Darby has grown up so much!! She's a wonderful little girl Beth... you're such a great mother :) I'm sure Carson is going to be just as sweet and pleasant!

  2. darby has gotten so big! those pics of carson in the hospital make me so sad - it was so hard to see her with all the cords/iv, etc. attached! i hope and pray that the reflux will be completely better at the next big check-up. you have two beautiful daughters!

  3. Oh wow, your little girls are so cute!! Thanks for stoppin by my blog... I won a blog make-over from a giveaway on another blog, I was so excited!

    Yours looks great! and for free too, that is awesome~


  4. Your girls are ADORABLE!! I feel ya on the jaundice Kelcee was born at 36 wks because I had pre-eclampsia and she had to be on a billy blanket for 2 days!

    Love the first star bucks and mommy in training pics....Too funny

    Thanks for wishing me a Happy B-Day and I am so glad we "met" through blogging!

    I love to rant about the Bachelor and it's fun to find people who will chime in with me LOL....

    I sooo see what your saying that he didn't shed a tear until she said she was leaving!! I wonder if the show made him be that way or if he just wasn't sure?!? They showed the most chemistry on the date I thought....Have a great day
    LOL about the sheet and hospitals grossing ya out....I am the same way....I santitize everything....

    Summer :0)


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