Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You don't want to read what I have to blog about!

We have been sick AGAIN over here in our house!  It has been crazy.  The stomach bug!  I haven't written a blog in a while bc when I am stuck in the house I am so boring!  I have been up to my eyeballs in puke and diarrhea (sorry it is the truth, I told you didn't want to read what I have to write about!).  It is the first time little Darby has thrown up with sickness!  It has been an interesting, crazy, and exhausting experience.  She doesn't get it...She threw up all over her bed 2 of the times!  She calls it "spit-up" and she keeps telling me she has to "spit up" but she doesn't she is just saying it to say it or get attention, I don't know.  So anyway, this has been going on since Sat and I am so ready to be rid of it!  I notice ALOT of bloggers have been writing about their sick households!  I do have to say though it was really sweet to nurture and take care of Darby.  The first time she was throwing up over the toilet and I was holding her hair was such a great mommy moment for me (weird I know).  I wish I had a picture to share...but you understand I was busy ; ).

I am so ready for Spring!  I cleaned out Carson's closet yesterday and I went ahead and put her spring clothes in it!  I can not wait!  It has been a cold long winter it seems like...   Easter is right around the corner and the weather will be getting warmer really soon and I just love this part of the year!  There is so much fun to be had.  At the end of March there will be the Bridge Run (if these babes would get well I could get back in gear to train for it!  Its a 10K) and the Flowertown Festival which I absolutely love!  The in April we have Easter, my bday, the Strawberry Festival (haven't been before but I REALLY want to go this year).  In May we get to celebrate the lives of the 2 most precious girls in the entire WORLD!  It is crazy to me when I think about how God has given these precious things to me.  I mean I fail miserably regularly at being a great mom but they still love me.  It is so sweet how God designed the parent/child relationship.  I have been considering alot lately how I am responsible for them and yes God is in control over all things but I am responsible for loving, and nurturing, and providing for, and caring for and teaching them and raising them!  That is a HUGE and HIGH calling and I really am thankful for it but I don't want to take it lightly!  I don't want to be careless with their lives!  It challenges me to really run to Jesus and plead with him to make me more like Him and less like me! 

I hope this blog finds you all well or at least getting well!  Sorry there are no pictures!  I know they are fun.  If you have not entered to win a cute Ouch Pouch full of first aid supplies (perfect for the upcoming seasons for boo boo's outside or bug bites and such) click here to enter!


  1. seriously, i hope we are all on the mend!!! i was just thinking yesterday about how lucky kelly and i are to be able to live with hunter and raise him! children are such a gift!!! i am super excited about spring, too!

  2. Hi Beth!! I am so sorry about all the sickness and I can SOOOO relate! We are praying like crazy that we can avoid the stomach bug this go-around! Thanks so much for visiting my blog--yours is so cute! And YES--Carson and Avery Kate have the same birthday!!! How fun is that?!?!?! Love those sweet May babies! :)

  3. Beth,
    Sorry you all have the sickies....yucko....I pray for a quick recovery for your family!

    Oh and I sooo seen US Weekly I left you a comment about it to tell you my dear I think your predictions were right....I think it was a couple posts ago....unless it didn't take....anywho Ali does seem to have the most Chemistry with him! That show is Crazy....yet I love it....LOL....

    I'm so glad I found a bloggy buddy to dish celeb gossip with! Seems we have lots in common, hairbows, girls, clothes, the lord, The Bach and Us Mag....LOL

    Summer :0)

  4. Oh and I am sooo glad you ordered her a minnie mouse pillowcase dress! I shop alot on Etsy! I have lots of sites if ya every want them to take a looksy....I love pillowcase dresses because you can re-adjust them and were them like forever! You will have to post a pic....I bet it is too stinkin cute! Have you ever heard of Matilda Jane....go to Matilda you can only order from trunk keepers so you would have to e-mail one but the clothes are sooo cute! I just got some in today and I am sooo giddy about it....

    Sorry this is soooo long
    Oh and glad you figured out the award....

    Summer :0)

  5. I am so sorry to hear that everyone is sick. I know that it is not all!! But like you said Spring is around the corner and hopefully by then all of this sickness will be over with!! I also wanted to say that just by reading your blog, I think you are an amazing Mommy and your little girls are blessed to have you!!!

    Hope you all are feeling well soon!! Hang in there!


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