Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise and A Not So Pleasant Surprise.

So after my ever so sarcastic blog post yesterday, guess what? It actually snowed! A good amount too! It was beautiful. It is so true that all of creation shouts HIS name! We didn't go out and play in it last night too much but this morning we did! Here are some pics.

Wow, that is alot of snow for Charleston. Ha, you wait!

snowman neighbors dropped off on the porch!

This morning = )

Darby's snow angel! The first time she just plopped down half on and half off the snow! So cute!

My snow angel ; )

I have been feeling terrible and Carson got a fever last night so we went to Doctor's Care this morning and $320 later and after a pretty tramatic experience there for me we found out we had strep throat! So that is the not so pleasant surprise. That is why you don't see Carson in any snow pics! Yuck, but hopefully these antibiotics will kick in soon and we will be good to go! Darby spent the day with my dad and step-mom and bro and sister and she had a blast! Tomorrow some special friends are going to pick her up and take her on a date! She is going to love it! Hope yall have a Happy Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. darby couldn't look any cuter in the snow! i am praying that you feel much much better so soon! i'm so glad that darby gets to have a special date tomorrow. how sweet of them! hope you get some good rest. take care my dear!

  2. $320?????????????????? what on earth id they charge you that for??? crazy.

  3. Love the snow pics!! Darby looks super cute in the snow pics and I love the one where she is half on and half off the snow....too funny
    Cute snow yours too....:0)

    That stinks about the strep throat and $320 later....Whoa that is CRAZY....That would be tramatic amongst itself LOL....I will pray you and Carson have a quick recovery and I can't wait to see the donut post....I remember Kelcee would ask for donuts at Krispy Creme and everytime I would stop and get them and she would never eat them LOL... I guess she just liked the smell....
    Have a Happy V-Day
    Summer :0)


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