Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Testing My Wings and Valentines Goodies!

So excited bc I finished Darby's homemade valentines! I am so in love with Microsoft Publisher now thanks to the ever dearest Carissa. I bought an online scrap kit for a couple bucks to make the design and went to work. I am not the most creative and this was just my test run to see what I can do. I only have a 60 day trial for publisher and I am going to be so sad for it to go. I really want to do Darby's bday invites and the Carson and Claire's first bday(cousins, 3 weeks apart)invites before my trial runs out! Up close of the graphic here.

Darby's valentines day party is tomorrow at school. I signed up for ham sandwiches. I was just going to put some ham in some dinner rolls but then I was SO thankful that this idea came to my head: To make heart shaped sandwiches with a cookie cutter! It was so fun. I did some ham and some ham and cheese. I did a smaller size and cut 2 hearts per sandwich, perfect for 2 year olds! I hope they love their sandwiches shaped like hearts! Here is a picture. I took it out of the fridge to take a picture and I couldn't peel back the clingwrap bc I couldn't take the chance of compromising it... I am out and borrowed it from my neighbor! You get the idea tho...

Also, check out this fabulous new cake plate I just snatched up from TJMaxx. It was $10. I LOVE it because it came with this ribbon which goes great for Valentines but I can change the ribbon to match WHATEVER I need. I am so excited about it.


  1. i think you get the award for world's best mom today!!! you made the cutest things! that plate is going to be perfect for everything. what a steal of a deal! wait, whatever happened to the chocolate covered gummy bears??? were they gross? if so, don't say i didn't warn you. : )

  2. Ha ha, I think they might be good but it would have taken alot of time and a special pot I don't have so I nixxed the idea and went with good old fashioned m&m's. I think I put too much in the bags but oh well, what is done is done.

  3. for some reason my comments post under my old google acct sometimes. so annoying = )

  4. You soooo get an award for world's best mommy :0)! Those Valentines are the cutest thing I have ever seen! Darby is going to be one very popular little girl at school! I bought little heart cookie cutters to make all things heart shaped for Kelcee this week and I made her a heart shaped bologna and cheese sammie that she loved....3 year olds love shapes :0)

    Oh and that plate is can sooo decorate it for EVERYTHING.... LOVE IT....

    Have a great day
    Summer :0)

  5. I LOVE everything you made! You did such a good job!
    I have one of those plates except mine is lime green...I LOVE it because you can change the ribbon...ALTHOUGH I've never USED mine because of my crazy kitchen ware phobia....I'm gonna use it this weekend evn if I have to put grilled cheese sandwichs on it!

  6. I love Darby's valentines! While you have publisher will you make some for Claire for next year? :) We should secure a weekend for Claire, Carson and Darby's bdays! I miss those sweet little girls!

    Oh... and I think you got a steal of a deal with the plate. We have a boutique here that sells a very similar one for like $80!!!

  7. love the valentines. might need to get publisher too!!

    i love that plate, i have one from southern living and use it allllll the time.

    i made star shaped sandwiches for cannon's rock star birtdhay party. :)


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