Thursday, February 4, 2010

SoMeThInG tO bLoG aBoUt....

Lately, I have been kinda boring! I do have lots of things I think about sharing with yall but then I don't have the motivation to write the blog. Then all my ideas get jumbled up and I forget some and then decide some aren't worth it and then don't know what to say about others. So tonight instead of not blogging I decided to blog. I am still not sure what it will be about tho... I had a hard and draining afternoon so please pray for me and then excuse my brain which has turned to mush.

Piggly Wiggly feeds your life! ha. Its feeding mine right now for sure. This month for every manufacterers coupon you use you get 1 greenback! You can save up your greenbax and redeem them for groceries, gas, trips to the waterparks, giftcards to the outlet mall (my personal fav), etc... So you can use 10 coupons a day so I plan to strategically get things I need or can stock up on, especially the more inexpensive items and go as many days as I can! I would LOVE to go everyday and earn myself 280 greenbax but that just won't happen.

I am making personalized homemade valentines for Darby's friends and I am so excited! Here is a sneak peak:

I will show you the finished product but I plan to have that image on a card that I fold over and staple to a bag of treats. I am so excited about them!

What else was I going to blog about??? I don't know... but hopefully this was enough to entertain you for a min!

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever"


  1. i absolutely love this vtines!!! i can't wait to see the finished product. and yes, that is such a fantastic deal at piggly wiggly. there aren't any near me, otherwise i'd go... i can't believe i didn't really know what greenbax are. don't tell your dad.

  2. okay, that comment was full of typos. i meant to say:

    i absolutely love *those* vtines.


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