Saturday, March 13, 2010

Darby Dee

That is what we call her alot.  She is also known as...stinky monkey, and D.    She is a mess!  Truly.  Lets see if I can recall some of her popular sayings... She says:

 "That be sound good?"
"yes or no?"
"yes sir" (to even mams)
"I'm scared to the dark"
"you can rub my back if you want..."
at target everytime..."Lets go check out the bandaids"
The list goes on...

Her favorite past time is watching movies and eating popcorn!

We just started to be able to have girl parties and paint nails!  It's fabulous!

Well her 3rd birthday is coming up and her party will be kinda low key...I wanted to do a whole big princesses and pirates shabang but with Carsons one year party this year and since I made a big ta do about her last 2 parties I am going to take it down a notch this year.  I think what I will do is have the celebration at a park and invite our closest friends and have pizza and cupcakes.  Sounds really fun to me tho..

She is such a mini me!  I can't deny that I LOVE it!  She is very cautious!  She is so girly.  Last week none of the boys showed up for school and so it was all girls in her class so they made purses!  She loves the thing!  She is such a fan of purses.  Here is her modeling the purse.

She was pretend sleeping in this one.
It's a paper plate!

Well I know I am leaving out so much but I am going to go spend some quality time with this sweetie right now!  Hope yall are having a great weekend!


  1. Darby is just precious! Love her paper plate purse! I laughed right out loud at her sayings! At target Kelcee always asks about the Band-Aids too! That is really funny oh and she also says yes to to ma'ms and no thank you sir to ma'ms really funny!

    She is just precious! I love beauty parlor parties with little ones....just her pink nail polish
    Have a Fab Weekend
    Summer :0)

  2. she is so precious!!!! love her cute little purse!!hah.....sounds alot like my little ones!!
    Its "rub my back my mom"...haha instead if you want to
    and whats up with the bandaids at target mine do the same thing!!!

  3. she is adorable! I love her paper plate purse!

  4. I love the paper plate purse! You know, I went into the hospital on Monday morning the 18th, but didn't have Gooner until the 19th. This means that we were in labor on the same day.Carazay!

  5. I miss this little miss! She's growing up so much these days. My favorite Darby quote is... "Shhhh!...{pause}...Mommy did you hear that, I tooted".

  6. What an adorable little girl you have here! Just came across your blog, new follower :)

  7. you are so funny with your ancient google Darby is just precious.. she and Ayla would get along great, they are both so Love the nail polish, that is too cute! Hope you have a great Sunday!

  8. Ok I centered your button! It looks much better. The blog thing is still a working progress! I am selling Thirty-One! I just started about 4 weeks ago. I am having my first Open House this weekend so hopefully it will go good! Thanks for the help!

  9. how cute . . .let's check out the bandaids!

    what a little darling! the purse is to die for!
    just wait paper will be the new leather.


  10. What a cutie patootie. We call our little dude Stinks. Those diapers...they'll get ya. Ah ha ha


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