Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Umm Hello..

Umm Hello...Can I kiss you, you are so stinkin cute!

Umm Hello...Can I eat yall, yall are sweeter than candy?


Umm hello...Can I have you forever, I love the way you smell?

Umm Hello...you are my new favorite perfume in all the land, one day will you be mine?

Umm Hello...Spring, I am so happy to see you!

 Yesterday we went to the park and had a grand time!  It was Carson's first time.  I snapped some photos on my phone so I tried to do some editing to cover up the crumminess of them...  I am so happy for the great weather! Isn't it fabulous?

Every time I find a new product that I like now I always think of my very first time I linked up to Kelly's Korner- Show Us Your Life... It was on your favorite beauty products and I was so excited to share mine and read about everyone elses!  I wanted to share with yall my 2 new favs I have discovered recently.  I don't actually have the perfume but I did get the little travel size roll on kind till one day I can get it!  Do you have anymore products for me?


  1. Hi Beth! glad you are enjoying the weather.
    Is the perfume "Juicy"?

  2. Is that perfume Juicy? I want some too! It smells so fab! Your daughters are sooo stinkin cute! They are so pretty like their mommy!!

    I love this post Beth! Looks like you had fab weather....it was crummy here....

    Oooh love the pics of spring...Tulips are my fav flower BTW....
    Oh thanks now I'm gonna have to try Bed Head LOL....

    Sooo you live near the beach huh? How awesome is that....

    Summer :0)

  3. So cute! Glad you got to go to the park. I'm sure Carson loved it! I'm going to call you today!

  4. the park looks so fun! the girls look so cute!!! i adore bed head... but the wallet does not. boo hoo. so i have to stick to john frieda (if it's on sale or i have coups!).

  5. I have Viva la Juicy and I absolutely ADORE it! I'm almost out - sad day!

    Sweet pictures!

  6. That perfume is Viva La Juicy but I think I have smelt Juicy before and loved it too.

  7. they are adorable! i'll have to try the products you recommended, my hair needs all the help it can get!

  8. I love Juicy (never buy any though..too much $! :*0(....) Does the bed head really work for volume? I've been trying to find something that does. I love Dove but it doesn't do much for volume. Do you know if it's safe for colored hair?

  9. ohhh.... I will have to try that perfume now.. I love findging new things! My favorite right now is called "Pink Sugar"...it is awesome, my 16 year old son loves it, he says he always knows when I am near..lol..BTW, did you get out to target yet? I went back yesterday and almost everything was gone..crazy!! Glad you had a great day at the park, I'm sure the kids loved it!! Have a great week!

  10. I gotta try these things! Love finding new find! Thanks:)

  11. I'll have to try that perfume...I am always looking for a new one to like! I got Dolce and Gabanna light blue for Christmas and I like it but can never smell it on me anymore...it doesn't seem to last! I added you to my blog roll. I hope that is okay. I did go to high school with Julie and Kelly. We were in the same youth group together. I graduated in 98. I am guessing that is why you look familiar! :)

  12. Those are some little cuties you have! I also love BedHead...the Dumb Blonde shampoo smells yummy!

  13. mmmmm, is that the new Juicy perfume? I have only smelt it as I tried to avoid the ladies trying to spray me with it, but it did smell good!
    I use that Bed Head too...but only for a short time and then I switch, it smells delish but it dries my hair out so bad.
    The weather is to die for! Your pictures are great, I didn't know it was a phone until you said!

  14. SO stinkin cute! And I have been wanting to by the Juicy perfume... and now I think it is a must!


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