Saturday, March 20, 2010

FYI- for your information...

Sometimes you come across the darnedest things!  I was pumping gas and noticed this sign.

Just in case you need to know....Never allow children to use the gas pump!
Oh! and if a fire starts...Don't remove the nozzle.  Back away immediately and tell an attendent!  Lol!

Just wanted to be a one stop shop for all your giveaway needs!  Here they are!

My friend Amy over at Our Journey Together is giving away a fab camera bag!

Dear Sabrina is giving away one of Amy's pieces of jewelry from her new etsy shop!

oh okay nevermind...alot of the giveaways I knew of have ended but there was a super cute one from The Vintage Pearl...I linked you to the actual website but I LOVE the necklaces and the sentaments that can be behind them! I didn't win... boo.  I never do..

These are cute tho!


  1. um, with all the giveaways around, we are bound to win at some point. right?! hopefully.

  2. I agree with carissa, with all the giveaways one of us is bound to win I think LOL....

  3. ohhh...thanks for sharing all of the great giveaways...which reminds me,I came across an awesome giveaway and I totally forgot to post about it tonight..oh well, will have to do that tomorrow!! Also loved your fancy feast you and I would get along just fine!!! btw, the cheese on the top definitely takes it over the Have a great weekend!

  4. We go to North Myrtle Beach, SC. It takes us about 3 hours to get there. My family has a place there. I do love those necklaces!

  5. YOU WON MINE!!!!!!!!!!! :)) Send me your email address.....mine is

    I never win anything either!!hah

    I put all the names in a bowl and the girls helped me pick you!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  6. That is sooo funny we were all just blogging about not winning and you won!! YAY! I am sooo happy for you! Now you and Darby can paint your nails are pretty in fab colors and wear them to the BEACH! How fun that you went yesterday! I can't wait to see pics!

    Summer :0)

  7. Well, I was about to give Gooner the responsibility of pumping my gas for me, but I guess I'll have to go back to doing it!!!

  8. I love the stuff from The Vintage Pearl! I also love all the giveaways going on. Simply fabulous!

  9. You're so sweet Beth!!! Thanks for posting about the giveaway I'm doing.
    I really like the stuff from the Vintage Pearl, so pretty.


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