Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There Has Got to be a better way!

There has got to be a better way of fixing things with out super gluing!  I made the worst mess of my fingers last night and it will be with me for days!!!

get it...

There has got to be a better way of dressing than this (so sorry if this is your style, obviously it is not mine)

I try to stay "hip" but if this is hip...I'm out.

There has got to be a better way of decorating than coloring with crayons all over the walls while Mommy is sleeping (she usually comes and wakes me when she gets up!  Not this time).  Didn't get a picture of this...

There has got to be a better way of taking care of the carpet than smudging lotion into it!  You can't take your eyes off a 2 year old for one second!  Unfortunately didn't capture this on camera either...

Last but not least... I certainly do wish there was a better way of enjoying these lovelies without consuming all the calories!

I bought a bag last night!  Yikes!  I had to give half to my neighbors to keep myself from eating the whole bag!

Oh question!  I want to grow a vegetable garden!  Really bad!  Have any of yall tried this?  Is it worth it???  I don't want to go spend the money to get all that I need and then nothing grow!  Darby and I just started some tomato plants that came with a green house and kit and had elmo on it (this is how this all started bc we went to lowes to get air filters and came out with this kit and not the air filters...annoying, I always do this).  I hope they grow for Darby!


  1. I think Mindi did get that outfit at Costco! It's so cute!

    My husband planted a garden for me last year. We got a few things to grow but we don't have very good dirt here. Plus, it needed watering alot and nobody wanted to go water it! Ha! We did plant different kinds of lettuce that did pretty good! It was nice to have that!

    Good luck!

  2. LOL....I super glue everything including my fingers :0)

    If that is hip on the shorts thing I'm out too! LOL....

    I ate a whole bag of crunchy mini cadbury eggs in two days....yep so proud LOL

    I have a pretty for you over at my blog
    Summer :0)

  3. So I'm totally with you on the outfit {yuck!} and the garden! I really want one too but have never done it. We are waiting to move into our new home {should be in the next month} and we will attempt one then. The husband has done this before so hopefully we don't have any problems. We can help each other through this:) I would say it is totally worth it to have really fresh food at such little cost. It just takes a little TLC and I think it will be fun! My sister-in-laws freeze and can too. I will freeze as much as possible to avoid canning...sounds intimidating! Good luck!

  4. Very funny! :0) Yes I've grown small gardens before. It's really fun and delicious but it does require time and knowledge. I've wasted my money on it the first couple of years because I just didn't know enough. It helps to have a good space for it. We live in an apartment right now and it didn't work out at all on the balcony.
    Tomato plants, peppers, beans and herbs are probably your best bet to start out with. They are pretty easy and take care of themselves...all you have to do is water and fertilize. Especially if you grow them in pots. Container gardening seems to be less work but just as rewarding. I'd check out some books from the library and buy gardening mags...They are very helpful!

  5. Oh my...I LOVE those Cadbury chocolate eggs!!! They are definitely my Easter weakness. I've already eaten quite a few.

    Yep, I'm with you on that outfit. Not my style at all. Why wear boots if you have on shorts? Makes no sense.

    Sophia and Liv definitely contribute to the messy factor at our house. Soph's bedroom furniture has been turned into an art project, her table and chairs are covered in stickers, and I find her hair things ALL OVER the house. LOL! Gotta love kids and their imaginations.

  6. I never really know exactly where to respond to questions in comments so I'm just going to leave you another one, lol.
    I bought the minky fabric from I really like their site b/c you don't have to order by the yard. I've only made two lovey's but I think they turned out pretty cute. Just a word of caution with minky...when you cut it, it gets fuzzy pieces everywhere. Have a hand vac handy!

    I'm going to use pinking shears to cut the strips for the ruffle bottom onesie. I don't have a serger and I don't feel like hemming anything. I'm hoping the pinking shears will do the trick. I really like that look anyway. I'm following Mary Catherine's tutorial from her blog but I've ruffled a lot of stuff so I may wing it a bit. Did you get a machine?

  7. Those are my favorite Easter candy. My mom actually brought me some today!
    I think you should totally do a veggie garden. Kaz and I have been talking about it too. Some of our friends did one in Columbia and they said it turned out great! It would save a good amount of money if it worked you know? Especially for us with the juicing.

  8. Hi just found your cute blog from Summer's! I don't get that fashion style either. Girl you should see my carpet & walls. With 4 boys they just didn't stand a chance!

    I'm your newest follower. I can't wait to read more. If ya want come check out my blog!

  9. Ahh... super glue... can't live with it, can't live without it! ;) We had an 'incident' that left a permanent reminder on the kitchen floor... in several spots! A vegetable garden is SO worth it! I have great memories growing up and working in the garden and growing our own food. So much better straight from the garden!


  10. All so perfectly said and put. There has got to be better ways! The candy issue-let me know when you figure it out :)
    Good luck on the veggie garden, how fun, your girls will LOVE it!

  11. What? That's totally my style! heh, just kidding! Until I lose like 20 pounds you most likely won't see me in shorts...AT ALL. I'm more of a skirt wearer. As for crayons on the walls, I guess it just "felt right." I love gardens. They have these upside down hanging tomato plants that are really cool. Do something small to test your green thumb and then spend more money NEXT season.


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