Friday, March 19, 2010

A "Fancy" Feast For A Fine Occasion!

Real Quick...I forgot about show us your life today and had already planned this post but the only "missiony" type trips I have done were here in the states and I don't think I even have any pics on my computer!  One day I will have to post some pics from my husbands trip to India!  I love India!

So in honor of Carson's 10 month Birthday we decided to throw a party!

I'm not sure that this "fancy" feast is worth a super momma mention over at Natalie's blog but we had a grand ol time....

This dinner is considered "fancy" compared to you know...say frozen pizza or ckn nuggets and etc...

Yes, just spaghetti!  In effort to "spruce" it up a bit I used angel hair pasta and added some cheese to top and baked it and wa-la. 

Yes I used a JAR of spaghetti sauce...if some of you ladies could tell me where you get your energy from I will go to great heights and spend great money to get it for myself!  Or how about this!?! Does anyone know how to add hours to the day?  That could be good too!  Now occasionally I will wip up an actual fancy dinner and if time and energy weren't an issue it would actually be a hobby bc I LOVE it!  Speaking of spaghetti though I have a GREAT spaghetti alternative dinner that I saw a concept for and then kind of created a reciepe for it and it is delish and I will have to share it with yall one day!  Really easy, fun and best of all low cal! 

To really add to my "fanciness" I used an actual glass for the tea and "fine" china for the dinner.  By fine china I mean just our regular dishes...these are fine compared to plastic ones tho right!?!  I attempted to top off my "fanciness" by attempting some "fancy" photography...

I really do cook my family meals I am exagerating the fanciness of this but I tell you... some of you moms truly are super moms!  Yall inspire me that is for sure!  For now though I will continue with the party-party part of our night THE CUPCAKES...courtesy of Betty Crocker! 

Aww, poor Carson had to stick with yogurt melts for her desert...but soon little monkey you can have the real stuff!

Well, we did sing Happy Birthday to all of us and it was just a divine celebration!


  1. Happy 10 mths CARSON!! Those pics are just precious Beth! I looove the last one with chocolate and yougurt melt faces How PRECIOUS!!

    You are super mommy my friend.....what a fun celebration!! I just love baked spaghetti although yours looks lots better than mine does LOL.... you will have to share your secrets.....

    I heart Betty Crocker....that and Toll House....they make the best treats hahahahahaha

    Oh I wanted to tell ya last night I wasn't feeling well soooo what do I do when I don't feel well um I shop LOL....I went online to Sephora and you twisted my arm LOL....I bought some Viva La Juicy....hahahahahaha......
    I just bought the smaller bottle though I think the hubs would have been like um no....hahahahaha

    Summer :0)

  2. love the fancy dinner :) i need to start baking my spaghetti, i love it that way just never give myself time on spaghetti night to actually get it baked. wish i could have been having cupcakes with you and your girls last night :)

  3. Hey now, there is NOTHING wrong with jar spaghetti sauce! Or chicken nuggets...or frozen pizza... ;) My family has been eating their fair share of that here lately because I haven't felt like cooking one little bit.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm really not sure why the following thing wouldn't work, it may have been a glitch in the system. All of my stuff is glitched at the moment it seems like, including my e-mail, which is why you're getting this in a comment and not as a reply to the comment you left on my blog. Woe is the life of technology! Have a great weekend!

  4. Sounds like y'all had a great dinner! It looks yummy to me. I'm happy just to get dinner on the table no matter what it is even if it is semi-homemade! Love the last pic, so cute w/ that chocolate face!!!

  5. Awww... Happy Birthday baby Carson!! Gosh time is flying by!! Spaghetti is a staple in our house. It's on the dinner menu at least like once every other week... if you think about it... it's good for you and yummy too. You should totally share the zucchini and squash recipe!!! It turned me into a zucchini and squash eater!

  6. she eats cupcakes just like me!!!! hehe. ok maybe i'm not that messy but how adorable! and my sophia loved those yogurt melts when she was little.


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