Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Penny For My Thoughts...

So my church actually just planted (well a year ago) a church and I have committed to helping to participate in planting and establishing this new church to reach people in other parts of this area (specifically my area).  I do love it...  I do miss going to the "main" church too though because it is and has been established and it does have things like better music or better nursery set up.  I do have a vision for this North Campus (as we call it) and I know that in time God is really going to bless it and I hope to see it just as equipped in the extra areas as the Main Campus.  All this to say that we meet at night at a local university...I do like meeting at night!  It gives me like whole extra weekend day!  The vision though is for a more traditional way of meeting on Sunday mornings though so they are searching searching for a place and we are praying.  I guess I didn't need to tell you ALL of this to tell you that I can't decide if I am going to go tonight.  We have been sick for weeks and weeks and although not necessarily from the girls going to the nursery I don't want to put them in the nursery just in case they could get a GERM!  Who knows what I will do??

I LOVE this 60ish degree weather we have been having!  I am so ready for spring and summer!  The only thing I am not ready for is the pollen and allergies but if it means playing outside I will take it!  I put some "springy" attire on the girls today!

I need to paint my room!  We have lived here for almost 4 YEARS and I still have my original white walls!  What in the world!?!  I don't know what is wrong with me!  I want to paint it a green color!  Currently I am choosing bw two!  Neither color on the left will do but I am contemplating bw the color on right and this other color that is more of a "charlestony" green color!  Hmmm what to do!?!  I will decide by tonight and then get painting!  Yay!

My brain doesn't work all the time...  Yesterday I did a whole errand day in attempt to make as few trips out with 2 kids as possible during the week!  I only FORGOT some very important essentials such as baby food and formula!  I did take several shirts I got for $1 or $2 from target, their bathing suits, and beach towels to get embroidery and monogramming!  So excited to get it all back!  Their easter baskets are going to be beachy theme (and pool).

Speaking of Easter baskets I ordered Carsons from PBK and it is on the way!  Well really I ordered the liner and my sister picked up the basket from the actual store for me.  It isn't cheap but my desire is for them to use these for life and so I want it to be good quality!  I also ordered Carson's big girl carseat!  I am a believer in the Britax Marathons.  I mean I put that thing in and it doesn't budge.  I sold my neighbor on it too she was like " I mean it feels like it was built in the car".  The are originally $279!  What?  But 2 times a year they have a sale and so I got Carsons for $199 so I only really pay a little more than the average carseat! 

Please forgive my spelling for now and always bc I can't spell and ever since I updated my posting template I don't have a spell checker!  Oh well!

If you had a PENNY for all my thoughts here today you would have... I don't know somewhere bw 5-15 cent depending on what you count as a thought and some of my thoughts were like 2 or three in one...


  1. I'm sure your new church edition will be awesome once they get everything put together!! I love your girls outfits and those bows girl are just precious! They are sooo pretty just like there mommy :0)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It really meant alot to me!!

    I am with you on the green I like the one on the right best....

    Ooooh Britax does have Awesome carseats....I ended up going with Eddie Bauer I heart it too! My friend has a Britax....

    See I guess if we had pennies for mine and your thoughts it may add up to $1.00 today LOL....

    Have a Happy Sunday
    Summer :0)

  2. I LOVE the charlestony green color! Very pretty! I think it would look great in the room considering your bedding is white! The girls are so cute in their spring attire:) We are taking pictures this afternoon..I can't wait:)


  3. you mean 5-15 centS... ha ha! and, what are you trying to say about the n campus music??? j/k. cute pictures of your lil' gals! i love that you are going to paint your room green. of course i would.

  4. beth,
    i wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and following me!! your girls are ever so precious!!

    good luck on choosing the perfect an irish gal myself, i have a green bedroom...!

    and there truely ARE 40 shades of green!! (and then some!)

    tell me more about the embroidering/monogramming the shirts and towels! where do you get that done?

  5. HI!
    Thanks for the kind comment and oh yeah, we have the same font-we are cool!
    Our kids are about the same age too, my daughter was born May 07 and my son April 09! So crazy, as is life with 2 little ones!
    I too am ready for spring/summer. I think we have similar weather...I can't wait. We are having ANOTHER rainy weekend. Oh well, we need it!
    Good luck with the painting. I HATE painting, I'm not patient enough!
    I'm a bad speller too...I just think faster than I can type and HATE editing...I should though!

  6. Your daughters are ADORABLE!! such cuties!

  7. I miss these little beauties and you too!! I am not sure if we'll be making the trek that way this weekend due to the fact that the funeral will be Pennsylvania. I'll keep you posted! Love you and miss you!!

  8. hi beth,
    You look very familiar to me and I know we have several mutual friends...not sure if maybe we went to the same high school or not!
    I have two girls close in age to yours. I have enjoyed reading your blog...I can easily relate!

    We love Britax carseats too! Totally worth the investment and I hear ya on church nurseries!! We seem to get sick often on Tuesdays after being there on SUndays!


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