Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To Craigslist Or Not to Craigslist???

I used to be the Queen of craigslist!  I mean THE QUEEN!  But the last few times I have attempted to sell something on it I have been extremely disappointed!  I don't know why.... I have always had pleasant interactions selling and buying!  The past couple times however I get alot people asking and then I email back and then nothing!  How about this...a girl emailed me and said I am out of town be back in 2 days if you will hold off on selling it I will buy it from you.  So I didn't sell it but bc no one showed up but what if I had not sold it bc she told me she would by it and asked me to hold off???  Cuz she never responded or contacted me again!  How rude!   I have also got a ton of spam from my listings too!?! So after I get done with this post I am going to go check out what these items are going for on ebay.  Wanna know what I am selling?  A camcorder.  It records on mini dvds and is hardly used!

And an organic Maya Wrap.
So wish me happy selling!  It would be great bc I would pretty much break even on Carsons new ride!  Her new carseat arrived today!  Love it.  I will take some pics with her in it and post later this week!  I can't believe it is already Wednesday!?!  My goodness!  Ahhhhh...I've been super busy! 


  1. I've never sold anything on Craigslist but what is up with some people! That is sooo rude that girl said to hold it and then never even e-mailed you back! Maybe you will get some bloggers interested in buying too! Good Luck sweetie! Oh maybe try listing it on E-Bay....I've never done E-Bay but I've heard people have lots of success with it! I guess I am just lazy that way LOL....

    Super cute baby wrap and video camera....happy selling and good luck
    Summer :0)

  2. I've never been on Craigslist. (Other than watching my dad look at used jeeps and trucks.. Does that count?) :-)
    I just love your blog! It is soo adorable! Your girls are too cute.

    Much love!

  3. wait one minute. how much are you selling the wrap for??? is it in my budget? i love the blog changes. i mean, love them. no throwing up. at all. hugs to you!

  4. don't know the first thing about craig's list, thought it
    was for organ donations...:)

    but i DO know that you have the cutest name ever! how
    fun is to tell people you name?

    your comments to amy were very sweet, and that's why
    i popped over here.

    blessings on your precious little ones.

  5. I have tried buying things on Craigslist and then never hear anything back? Like, I will email a question or something and they never respond...I could assume that they already sold the item, but it remains posted so I don't get it.

    Good luck with your selling though!

  6. I've never sold anything on craigslist...I love the little baby wrap. Very cute!

  7. Beth - This is really random, but I literally have that exact same wrap pulled up on my computer right now, and I was about to buy it! I don't know if you've sold it already or if it would be too much of a pain to ship (or I could wait until you see Amanda next) - but I would love to buy it from you. Let me know! Elizabeth


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