Friday, March 12, 2010

It's that time again...

Well to update you on little miss Carson that is...  Aka chunky monkey, chubby dubby, my baby (from Darby) and we also call her bubby.  Took her to the doc on Tues for her 9 month appt and she is in doctors words, "a fat girl, a tank".  I said yeah but she won't want to be called that forever so hopefully she will grow out of it ; ).  He said, "oh yeah we will stop calling her fat girl REAL early".  She could be bigger that is for sure but for now she is 75th percentile for weight at a whopping 20lbs 9oz and 25-50th percentile for height.  So she is a bit of a shorty.  Maybe we can also add that to her nicknames...  She turns 10months in 7 days!  oh me  oh my...why? why? why?  I can't handle it! 

You know what that means!  Time to plan her 1 year birthday party!  Since my sisters babe is 3 weeks older, we are going to do a joint bday party and so far we have the outfits on order! 

Except of course it will have a 1 on it!  How fun it that!?!

She also got her new ride....Which she is sooo stinkin cute and looking too big in!

Carson also got some new hairbows!  Love them.  Love etsy where I found the bows and bday outfit!

That girl will give away some kisses!

Isn't she a beauty!?!

I just adore this girl!  I know I said this last time but does she have to grow up and go to college and get married and etc...  I'm going to be a grandma one day!  Whoa....I need to slow down I know but isn't that WEIRD!?!

My next post will have to be about the life and times of little miss Darby Dee.  She is the BEST big sister I will tell you that much.  She will often tell you that Carson is her best friend.  She also is really concerned when Carson makes it known that she is about to get upset Darby will say, "OH NO! Carson has a bad face!"  So stay tuned for a post especially dedicated to her.

I was praying with Darby and I thought of the song "One pure and holy Passion", by Passion

This is my prayer for my girls:

That God will give each of them One Pure and Holy Passion
One magnifcent obsession
One glorious ambition for their lives
To know and follow hard after Him

That they would see and know that
This world is empty pale and poor compared to knowing Him as Lord
and that He would lead them on and they will run after Him


  1. Beth she is just PRECIOUS! I love chunky babies....Kelcee was a chunky monkey that is what we called her too and she was always in the 90th percentile in weight LOL....she is starting to thin down now....from all that running....Darby is just presh I love her bows and her outfit...Adorable....

    That tutu looks lots like what I had Kelcee in for her 3rd B-Day we have lots of the same taste!

    Oh and I am going to announce a winner tommorrow....So you still have a little time....

    Have a great day
    Summer :0)

  2. YES.. she is beautiful!! I love her birthday outfit and the bow is soo cute, dont ya love etsy?? Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. perfect prayer for lovely little ladies.

    when my first (of five) was only three
    months i thought, "oh, i'm going to
    love to be a grandma"

    it's funny that you were thinking about
    it, too.

    i'm a LOT closer than you!!!

    blessings on your precious ones.

  4. Beth,
    I'm Blythe Butts sister, Courtney. Can you please send me a link to where you found Carson's bows on ETSY. Thanks!!!! Courtney

  5. Beth: She is precious........BEAUTIFUL baby girl.....she looks like her mommy!:)Her birthday outfit is so CUTE!!!! I feel now like I under did my childrens bdays!! I need to step it up!hah.......have a great weekend girl!

  6. Our babies are totally a day apart! I take Gooner to the pediatrician soon and I can't imagine how much she weighs! She is bigger than her playmats, they better not call her chunky munkey! Grrrrrrrr. Heh, the tutu is CUTE!

  7. She is adorable! Seeing all these cute little girls with there big bows makes me want a little girl SO bad! My little Finn was 21 lbs at 9 months! I love me some chunky babies. I love Charleston to! We went there for our honeymoon and we had so much fun.

    You have a beautiful family!

  8. darby and carson are so beautiful! the one year joint party with be so fun!! so much pink, i can tell!!

    thanks for your comments on my blog!
    love it.

  9. What a sweet, sweet post Beth!!!! You have such a sweet family and I can tell you are a wonderful Mommy! Your little girls are lucky to have you!

    OK, I have to know...what sellers on etsy did you get the birthday outfit and the BIG pink headband from???

  10. I love her chub! Chub is the BEST! That was my daughter all the way, but my son-he's on the tall, dark, handsome side :)
    LOVE that outfit!!! So stinkin cute! Where is it from?!


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