Friday, March 26, 2010

Watch out American Idol....Ha!

Darby singing Jesus Loves the Little Children.  She left out the red and yellow but still so stinkin cute!!!


  1. She is just to precious for words! I just love when little ones sing Jesus songs! Melts my heart!! She is so cute....girl she really started getting into the song and belting out Jesus Loves the Little Children halway through....just precious....

    I would soooo vote for her.....Watch out American Idol....LOL

    I love the colors in her room Super cute....
    Summer :0)

  2. it does my heart good to hear lil kiddies singing about jesus! i have to say that i love the way she says "world."

  3. She is precious!!!
    American Idol is so not good this year...I think if Darby were on there, she'd win all the votes!

  4. She is too precious beth!!!!I would so vote for her!!!! :)

  5. Oh my, how precious!!! My vote goes to her!


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